At Styleforum, we affectionately refer to Luxire as the Fairy Godmother of tailoring, capable of creating even the most outlandish requests without batting an eye.

Anything your heart desires, you shall get. Whether you seek a rare shirt collar spotted in a photo or a replica of your discontinued favorite jeans, Luxire will bring it to life.

Everything is made-to-measure, created on a pattern and crafted with the utmost care and precision. They even refuse to talk about tolerance: your order is delivered exactly as requested, down to the last stitch.

It's no surprise that Luxire has won the hearts of Styleforum readers and garnered enthusiastic patronage since its inception. Read more about Luxire's beginnings on the forum and its increase in popularity worldwide in this interview with founder Ashish Arya.


Styleforum: How did you hear about Styleforum?

Ashish Arya:
I have been a casual reader of Styleforum since my investment banking days. I would spend time on the forum learning about new fabrics, trends and suggestions on how to pair certain accessories. For instance, I started wearing printed silk pocket squares following a suggestion from the forum and I would receive frequent compliments because of it.

SF: What’s the story behind the name “Luxire”?

When I started thinking about what type of product I wanted to sell, my only focus was to make it of the highest quality. Anyone else would call it “luxury,” though for me it was more of a desire for quality. The name Luxire is a contraction of “luxury and desire”.

SF: Tell us about how Luxire was born and when.

Luxire was founded at the beginning of 2012. Before starting the company, I struggled buying shirts, being an odd size (I needed a smaller neck with longer sleeves).
The idea with Luxire was to be able to offer sizes that would fit everyone, and we quickly realised that custom clothing was the way to achieve that. The current eBespoke form of Luxire took shape after the first few customer requests we received. Our first orders were through Styleforum, which has been the primary driver for our initial growth.

SF: How has Luxire evolved since its creation?

Though Luxire started as a shirt maker, today it is the best maker of trousers in the world. In terms of perfect fit, sheer quality, attention to detail, precision of measurements, wide variety of fabrics and affordability, no one comes close.

Throughout the years, we tried to add a lot of other products to our offerincluding sweaters, shoes, leather goods, jackets, coats, etc. — but nothing is yet close to the level of precision we have achieved with our trousers.

Suits are another example of something that hasn’t yet reached the level of perfection we strive for. Though the product is good, we are still working on establishing a stable and reliable team of individuals to nail this area of tailoring.

Being the brand of choice for shirts and trousers for thousands of customers across the world is incredibly fulfilling.


SF: How do you stay up to date with the clothing industry and current trends?

I don’t make a conscious effort to stay up-to-date with the industry. When visiting trade fairs like Milano Unica and Pitti, one does get a feel of current style direction by simply being present.

Our approach of offering almost everything a man would need in terms of tailoring means that our customers lead us into the direction of trends. We saw a request for a single pair of slim pleated drawstring pants and now it seems every third pair is in that style.

I also happen to be someone who notices trends by being around people, and I am caught staring at an outfit in public more often that I care to admit.

SF: How do you decide what gets added to your lineup in terms of models and fabrics?

When going through next season bunches with the mill teams at fairs, I primarily choose what I like. Customer requests also play a role.

SF: What’s the most interesting request of a custom piece you’ve made?

Luxire is probably the biggest supplier of clothing to the entertainment industry for period clothing. We make a lot of vintage style clothing, some of which are quite unique.

A few years ago, someone posted on some gamings/anime forum that Luxire will make “anything” and we got some pretty weird requests at the time.

However, a fantastic example concerns the creation of our one-piece shirt collar, which we call the Longflower. It was a request for a custom piece, which I passed on to the pattern maker as I usually do. The next morning, I received a call from our office security saying that the pattern maker was requesting to enter the building at 5:30 AM. Later that day I inquired about his early start, and he confessed that he had trouble sleeping because he couldn’t think of a way to fulfil the customer’s request for that specific collar. After thinking about it all night, an idea finally occurred to him and he decided to not waste another minute to complete the project: the Longflower collar was born.

image001 1.jpg

SF: Tell us about your “warzone Oxford” and how it was developed.

The US army wore Oxford shirts during WWII. Originally, those fabrics were chunky multi-ply and made by J Press, Burlington West point mills. With time, Oxford evolved into a light, single ply fabric. I was able to get an old shirt from a thrift store and I reverse-engineered the fabricto look like the original war-era Oxford. The name Warzone is a tribute to its origins. It is a joy to wear.

SF: A few forum members introduced Luxire to their wives and girlfriends, as custom clothes for women are still relatively rare and can be quite expensive. Are there plans to tap into the market of custom womenswear?

To us, the biggest difference between pants for ladies and for gents are the fabrics employed to make them. In the last couple of years, we got a lot of requests for ladies’ trousers made in traditional menswear fabrics. I have been toying with the idea of adding a small selection on the website enabling ladies to order pants as well, in more traditional feminine fabrics. Someday it will happen.

SF: Which superhero movie character could you picture ordering from Luxire?

Almost all of them when they are not saving the world ☺
Latex and bodysuits are not our forte sadly. The Joker could have been a regular though.
We do get personal requests for Nick Fury, T’Challa, Dr Strange sometimes. The Mario jumpsuit is made regularly.

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