Although not all men enjoy dressing to the nines on a day-to-day basis, it’s important that every man has at least one suit in his wardrobe for important occasions. But like one man’s affinity may be for jazz and another man’s for classic rock, every man is drawn to a particular style of suit.

The options for different suit styles available are extensive, along with the many completely customizable tailoring options offered at suit stores. Depending on your body’s shape and what you find appealing will determine what kind of suit you choose. Here are some common suit styles to help you explore:

Two-Button Suits: The two-button suit is the a classic standard with the power to complement practically any build. With frame-lengthening properties, two-button suits are a great choice for men with short torsos. Whether you’re at work or a more formal occasion, a two-button suit can flatter anyone. But keep up with the trend; if you’re wearing the jacket closed, make sure only the top button is fastened.

Three-Button Suits: Because the buttons reach higher up on the chest, three-button suits are an excellent choice for tall men, and also pair well with waistcoats. Although they aren’t as timeless as two-button suits, three-button suits have recently made a comeback and classic-cut models are trending in office settings. One style rule with these suits is to never fasten the bottom button. Most often you will only want to fasten the middle in order to give an air of confidence and elegance.

Extra Long Suits: Men who might be just a bit taller than the average person can get away with three-button suits or long suits. But if you’re a very tall man, extra long suits would be a good choice. The same fashion rules for other suits apply to extra long suits, they’re just made longer for taller men.

Traditional Suits: Although traditional suits are not necessarily trending among younger men right now, they should still be considered timeless. A traditional suit is solid colored or pin striped. It fits loosely on a man, but isn’t baggy at all. If tailored correctly, traditional suits can look stylish and very professional.

Slim-Fit Suits: As a major trend today, slim-fit suits are generally preferred by young men with a slender build. An important style rule with slim-fit suits is to remember to wear a skinnier tie. Traditional ties appear too wide against the backdrop of a slim or skinny suit, whereas skinny ties complement the outfit.

Portly Suits: Portly suits have more room in the suit coat and waist area than other slim-fitting or traditional suits. Portly suits are made especially for stockier men who still want to flatter others with their sense of style.

Depending on what appeals to you, what looks good on you, and what the occasion is will determine the style of suit you wear. However, there are some clear guidelines to choosing a suit. For instance, if you’re young and slender, wear a slim-fit; if you’re older and stocky, wear a portly. No man’s build is the same, just like no suit is the same, so explore what you like and don’t be afraid to try different styles on in your search before finding “the one.”

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