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We jeans

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A lady at a shop I was in said they were getting We jeans in, which apparently make unwashed denim and are from Sweden(we were in a little conversation because she was cute. Or maybe it was because I was giving her money). Anybody hear of this brand?
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If they're from WE, the shop that we have here in Europe (which I believe is Swedish), they are not going to be of the same quality that these forum guys are usually talking about (Nudie, PDC, Diesel, etc). For the brand on the whole, I would probably compare WE to a GAP or something. Above H&M, but below BR. If you want to look at price as an indication (which it is not always). WE jeans here would go for about 40-45 euros, while a pair of bog standard Levis would be about 80-100. (Diesel- 100-120 or so) But that's a whole nother story of brands and $h1t. But I am not a huge denim freak, so whadda I know?? K
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Heard of this brand b-4, but not sure of its denim quality though. This brand hardly qualifies as jeans company in my opinion. I probably would compare it to the Quiksilver brand.
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I thinke WE was a skate brand from the beginning. Very popular and trendy "over here". As for quality? I would suppose it´s good enough... Nothing I would wear, though.
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I've only seen a few pairs, but definitely not up to snuff compared to Nudies or Acne (the other Swedish brand that gets a whole lot less play here, for good reason.) BTW, everyone and their mom is making "raw" jeans these days, even GAP, I think, is coming out with at least a "rinse" model.
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