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decent find?

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The size appears right, and the price certainly was... $25. Thoughts? -s
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Good buy. Just leave the bottom button undone.
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25 bucks? I've paid more for a drink. Is it an odd suit jacket or did it come with pants? Ebay?
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If it fits you and you like the style, fine. That is a licensed suit made in the US or Canada for Barneys. Barneys controlled that license with little to no design input from Kilgour. For the last ten years the Kilgour brand reportedly was sold mainly on sales at a discount at Barneys. Kilgour apparently reacquired the license several years ago and has been contemplating a US RTW relaunch with greater UK design influence, perhaps with IAG as the licensee.
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eBay, appears to be an odd suit jacket. For the price though, I figured it might be fun to wear with jeans on weekends. We'll see about the fit, but the measurements seem within my appropriate parameters. -s
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I had a KFS suit--it wore pretty well and lasted 6 or 7 years (I just got rid of it late last year--the sleeves were starting to get shiny). Otherwise it was an OK everyday suit.
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