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Shoe shopping in paris

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I have just stumbled across this site via Google while searching for more information about my Edward Greens (three pairs in the past 12 months and I am hooked for life).  What great information on this site. I am planning a trip to Paris at the end of next week and would like to visit some of the fine shoe shops there.  I am trying to come up with a short-list.  So far on the list I have: Altan Bottier (5 rue Sainte-Beuve) Aubercy (9 rue de Luynes Paris 7e; 34 rue Vivienne Paris 2e) Cape Cod (5 rue Pasquier) Crockett & Jones (23 rue François) Pierre Corthay (1 rue de Volnay) I am interested in RTW items that aren't available in London.  (And yes, I know Crockett & Jones is available in London, but the stock in Paris is different.  For example in London C&J does not stock the beautiful "Lavilliers" C&J boot that I drooled over when I was in Paris in August last year.) A few questions for those who have been shoe shopping in Paris before: * Do you have suggestions for other places that I should add to the short-list above? * Does Pierre Corthay do RTW or only bespoke? * Does anyone have any info on the collaborations between Crockett & Jones and Dimitri.  I have seen references to this on but I can't read or speak French and the online translations aren't great. Thanks for reading.
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Is there an online pic of the C&J "Lavilliers"?
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Yes, look here
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Ah, very nice--thanks.
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Edward Green at Old England 12, boulevard des Capucines
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Shoefan: do you happen to know whether Edward Green in Paris stocks different models to those on sale in London?  In my limited experience this is the case with Crockett & Jones, but I'm not sure about Edward Green.
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Although I can't be certain that the Edward Green shop in Paris stocks different ranges from the London shop (haven't been to Paris for quite a while), it is very likely as the shops are totally independent and each one just orders from the factory what styles sell well in their respective establishments. Not to be missed is "La Cordonnerie Anglaise", not so much for the shoes, but for their shoe care products: creams, waxes, lotions, snake oils as well as brushes and the most beautiful shoe trees. If you feel really flush, they have the most elaborate boxes filled with shoe care products. We hope you will report here about your observations in Paris.
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Shouldn't Berluti be on your list?
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You are correct of course.  Berluti should be on the Paris list, although I deliberately omitted it because I can visit Berluti on Conduit Street here in London.  However I will probably visit them in Paris anyway -- their shop on rue Marbeuf is very close to the Crockett & Jones shop on rue François.  And after that I can have steak and frites at Relais de l'Entrecote on rue Marbeuf. Bengal-Stripe: much obliged for the link to La Cordonnerie Anglaise.  Their shoe-care goods look sensational.
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* Does Pierre Corthay do RTW or only bespoke?
Corthay has a RTW line. See this discussion about it on the Ask Andy forum.
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You should bring a pair or two of your shoes with you when you visit Cape Cod. Marc Guyot is a magician. He can put a finish on your shoes that will make you cry, and it's not much money...
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You might want to consider Weston as well.
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A brief report now that I am back from my trip to Paris. I did not have much time for visiting shoe shops -- there is so much else to do and see (and eat and drink) in Paris.  I did find time to visit the following: La Cordonnerie Anglaise (28 rue des Archives) Crockett & Jones (14 rue Chauveau-Lagarde) Aubercy (9 rue de Luynes Paris) Berluti (171 Boulevard Saint-Germain) La Cordonnerie Anglaise was interesting, although I was a little disappointed that not all of the shoe care kits shown on their website were available in the store.  I bought some brushes and some bees wax neutral polish. No real surprises at Crockett & Jones, although they did have a couple of handgrade models that I don't think are available in London.  My French is terrible so I wasn't able to glean any useful information about the collaborations between C&J and Dimitri. Aubercy was very impressive indeed.  But I was a bit shocked at the price -- they are only a shade cheaper than Berluti.  You are looking at around EUR700 for a pair of RTW. Berluti was great, albeit out of my price range.  On balance I think I prefer Aubercy to Berluti.
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Aubercy was very impressive indeed. But I was a bit shocked at the price -- they are only a shade cheaper than Berluti. You are looking at around EUR700 for a pair of RTW.
Could you elaborate about Aubercy (construction method, quality of materials and finishing, styling)? There aren't many people around here who have seen Aubercy shoes in person, and I know that I'm intensely curious about them.
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Chilli Padi: Too bad that my visit coincided with yours, so I couldn't suggest you Albaladejo ( before your visit... Still, too late is better than never; please see my trip report:
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