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Any suggestions for sunglasses for a heart shaped face? I'm really leaning towards Wayfarers (already have a pair of aviators), but I'm just wondering if you guys have any better options for around the same price.

Also, I know everyone and their kid brother is wearing wayfarers these days, so am I too late to the party on this one? I really like the style and I'm not usually up for following fads, but I just want to make sure that I don't look really foolish wearing them in a year or two.

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Bump a lump dump dump
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just did the home try-on deal with Warby Parker for my fiance as she was looking for Rx sunglasses, build quality felt pretty solid. I've got a couple pairs of OP's which are starting to show some age (and abuse) so I was thinking about giving it a shot too. a bunch of wayfarer-type shapes and $150 for Rx polarized, $95 for polarized is very decent IMHO. 


i swear im not spamming

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Let me know how it works out I could use a pair or rx sunglasses. Im pretty upset at how I bought club masters 3 years ago and everbody and their brother has them now. Time for change but idk if I should shell out the cash for persols or just get some Warby Parkers.
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The home tryon was free shipping, they send you five pairs with just a $1 credit card hold, they felt really solid, no outward facing branding so they look like any nondescript big name brand.Still waiting on delivery of the actual rx pair tho. Will report.
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Wow I like the sounds of that I will have to look into it this weekend and pick some to try. What sucks is i really want the color of the begley cedar tortoise but not 100 percent the frame will look good on my face jasper/filmore/preston/miles may look better but dont come in a color scheme close to the ceder tortoise. Its the closest color scheme they have to one i like from persols.
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We picked the Spencer in blond tortoise for hers, it's a nice lighter brown. There are a lot of little tweaks on some classic shapes.
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Everyone had clubmasters 3 years ago.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Everyone had clubmasters 3 years ago.

I didn't notice it much until last year and its much worse now...but then again i live in the fashion backward city of boston so that might be part of it.
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shuron > warby parker bullshit
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Looking at Warby right now too.

Just need something for the evening commute home. The sun is blinding
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FYI I tried on 8 pairs of the warby Parker sunglasses and most of them (6) felt very small

Squeezing at the temples, they may be suited more for women or smaller head

Build quality is ok for price point. Dent end up keeping any
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I have 2 pair of Maui Jims, great glasses, but I also have some Kaenons' which are every bit as good as MJs'. These 2 brands have the best lenses. I have 2 pair of Oakley which I wear when I need something light weight. Of course the MJs' and Kaenons have the best lenses. I have a couple pair of Alexander McQueens and a pair of Blinde which are very fashionable. I get a lot of compliments on the Blinde's.

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I recently purchased a pair of Warby Parker Huxley's. (Sorry Jet I am too much of a plebe)
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

Any thoughts on whether this is legit?
My sense is that Persol (like Maui Jim) doesn't allow sales or mark-downs. These are advertised as authentic, yet are nearly $200 off the MSRP. Seems odd.


Look on Shark deals....every 6 weeks or so you can find a pair of MJs' marked down by 20-35%. Act fast, because they sell out very quickly.

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