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Men's Scarves

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I just purchased a wool overcoat and a cashmere scarf and realized this is my "serious" wear of a scarf.  So I pose this question to the board, what is the proper way to wear a scarf?  I have a general idea but it's always go to get a second opinion (or third, or fourth....)  Thanks for the input.  
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I think it depends on the temperature and what feels comfortable for you. If it's really cold out and my overcoat is fully buttoned I like to fold the scarf in half and put the loose ends through the loop and cinch in around my neck. If it's chilly or my coat is undone I just like to let it hang loosely around my neck. If it's a really thick scarf and I'm just wearing a sweater I just put the scarf on unevenly and throw the long end behind me. Hope that helps. Aaron
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Just to add to what's been written by Aaron above, you should definitely consider what type of scarf it is (material, thickness, length, etc..). I have a thick hand-knit scarf (a present of course) which really doesn't have the length to be worn with one end loose in the front/back. However, I do have a wool Winter 04/05 Dior style super long scarf which I only wear with a loose end in front and back. Typical famous cashmere scarves (e.g., Burberry's, Johnston's, Drake's, etc.) are pretty versatile and can be worn in a variety of styles as mentioned above.
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