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I am thinking of taking a cruise soon, and wanted to get some more info on them... I know they are all inclusive, except for drinks. Is that really true? Are you really paying for nothing else besides drinks? What do drinks run? Like normal bar prices, or very expensive? With food, can you really eat whatever, whenever? Is it worth the extra money to get an "oceanview" or "balcony" room? We are thinking of leaving from Baltimore (most local port). Has anyone else gone from here? Any thoughts on it? I figure we can save flight money by leaving local. Maybe Norfolk also. If you make a stop, is going ashore included? Or do you need to pay extra? I think that's all my questions now. I am sure I will have more, but any insight from people who have taken cruises would be appreciated.
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Where are you planning on going on a cruise to? Leaving from Baltimore? I guess if you are going to that eastern seaboard cruise and you leave in the summer it's OK, but most carribean cruises leave from Miami, I guess you could go on the transatlantic cruise, is that what you are talking about? Most things are included, like unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages, but you will have to pay for some things like optional offshore excursions, I've been on a couple cruises, in the carribean and mexico, and they can be quite fun.
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I have been looking at Carribbean cruises from Baltimore. As I mentioned, I would like to leave locally to save money on flight. I have seen some 5 day cruises from Baltimore that head to the bahamas, and some 9 day cruises that head toward mexico, jamaica, etc. What do excursions typically run? Do you remember? What about drinks? Are they pretty run of the mill, pricewise? or do they really stick it to you?
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The all-inclusive description covers food and the activities on the boat. You'll most likely be paying extra for alcohol and any offshore excursions. Room service is free too, so expect to gain a few pounds. Assuming you don't get seasick or something I wouldn't expect to be in your cabin at all except for when you're sleeping, so I'm not sure there is great value in upgrading. I've had an interior cabin and an oceanview, and I wouldn't spend the extra money for the oceanview again.
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Had this discussion with a good friend a few weeks ago. He and his wife went on their first cruise a couple of years ago, and are now converts. They had a great time and said that staff was extraordinary. Unfortunately, I don't recall which ship/line they were on, but they said that a cruise in general is going to be a far better value than a comparable land-based vacation, and that on most ships/lines, the staff is extraordinarily well-trained and service-oriented and that you're well taken care of. They're planning to go on another in a few weeks. Anyway, the important thing is that he referred me to as the best way to get the inside scoop, ship reviews and all sorts of tips on finding the best deals, as well as all sorts of other valuable details. My mom also took her first cruise a couple of years ago -- she did Christmas and New Year's on the QE2, and had a blast. And she's not the easiest person to please.
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