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ran for exactly 1 hour tonight, covered 9.1 miles.
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As usual, zero. My knees love me.
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5 miles, same as yesterday and sunday. recently got back into running and so far my endurance has been picking up quickly and my times have been dropping. and i haven't had to deal with the bad upper abdominal cramps i got running track in high school. i'm going to go knock on some wood now...
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5 miles on the button today...looks like I beat out the showers too...all after a long day of trapsing around NYC.

^^^as I was stretching, saw this "end of days" sun, ironic, it was over Staten Island.
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8 x 1/2mi. at the track. All between 2:42 and 2:38 (averaged 2:40).
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All throughout highschool the only running I did was for Civil Air Patrol, who's only measure was the mile run. Best time then was 6:23. In college I was broke and bored, so I spend lots of time at the fitness center. Got my mile to under 6 minutes (didn't have a precise clock). A few weeks ago I became irrationally afraid of having one of those heart attacks that happen to young skinny dudes who aren't in as good of shape as they think, so I started running again, going for distance having never done it before. Just hit 2 miles in a single streach, probably the furthest I've run without a break.
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another 5 miles today. same trail as usual though i did it at 6 am so with the cooler temperatures i was able to shave 3 minutes off my time from tuesday. will see if i can improve tomorrow with a full night's sleep under my belt instead of 4 hours.
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Bout 5.5 trail. With a slow friend
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5.5...got new headphones today as the old ones were broken for over a week...some of the highlights (or lowlights) from my stretch stops (1.25 m in and 4 miles in). Felt good considering the pizza I had for lunch and BBQ for dinner. Was still swelteringly humid at 7:30 PM...but at least the sun was on its way.

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did 4 yesterday. doing 4 tomorrow.. unless I can squeeze in 5.
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squeezed in 5 1/3 in 44 minutes. For some reason it seemed slightly cooler this morning, as though it were 75 instead of 77.
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7.5 today after a nostril rape at my ENT....hot as hell out there too
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3 miles, 25:36
I think that's the fastest 3 miles I've ever ran
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I did only 3ish today.. to much to do to make it longer.

I've only gone a little past 5, but I've only been doing this for a few months now... I plan to hit 10 miles before the end of the year...
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^^the first 10 miler is a great feeling of accomplishment.
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