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5.2 miles this afternoon. It being the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps, I had to run a route that would take me past as many houses that I know of in the area that usually fly the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. I counted 7 (not counting my own) which was 2 more than I was expecting.
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Was going through my NYC photos and came across this one. It was nice of them to welcome me.

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Six miles this morning right past this probably just a minute or two before or after it happened:

Car Stolen From School in Birmingham

That school is just a couple of blocks from my house and I run past it almost every morning and the track is the one that I use when I want to run in circles. I know it's cliche to say, but this isn't the type of neighborhood that that type of stuff happens in and I've never felt unsafe running at odd hours. I even see women out running by themselves in the predawn hours everyday. I'm still not really worried except for I know my wife will look at the news later today and tell me I need to change my running route!
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6.5 on the treadmill. It was snowing in PA, so I was like "shah right" about going outside.

I started on the treadmill thinking I'd do a quick 5, that became 6, that became 10K, then settled on 6.5. One of those days. smile.gif
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4.5 this afternoon. Now to spin class, followed by another run later!
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4 miles this morning. The wind chill was 21 degrees. I had to zig zag my route so that I was not always running into the wind.
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Got in 5.9 tonight.  Got a later start due to errands so I cut my 8-9 miler short.  Tomorrow I will make up for it.  

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4.4 very cold miles this morning. It was 24º with a wind chill factor of 16º. It's been a loooooong time since the temps were this low during my runs.
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quick 1 mile on monday followed by a corporate golf event. Didn't wake up on tuesday for a run. 1.5 this morning. I can feel my speed picking up for sure. 

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7.5 miles this evening.
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7 miles this afternoon to make room for a French feast at a cool BYOB in Philadelphia, Bibou. I had celery/leak soup, oysters, endive salad, perfectly cooked sea bass, and a cheese plate to wrap up (morbier, bleu, selles sur cher), oh, and a cab. Balance was probably on the food side, but oh well.
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X-ray results. Finally. No fracture. Yay! Tomorrow I run!
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4 miles. Probably too fast but I couldn't help myself. Foot is a bit sore, so I need to figure out what's going on with that.
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5.2 miles
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6.5 today. I had a slight tickle in my throat, so am concerned about pushing it….
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