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6 after almost two weeks off
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Was out of town last 9 days or so for work and then vacation. Missed some postings.
Thursday last week 10.4 miles, 3 days off, Mon - 12, Wed - 6.5, Thurs - 7.5 and today (Sat) - 10.3.

A bit over 700 miles at end of May for year. Was shooting for 1500+ for year.

While on vacation, we were in DC. I got a nice run in the took me by the White House, Washington mon, WWII memorial, Vietnam Mem, Lincoln Mem, ran the reflecting pond, the Jefferson Mem, and a few other statues, etc. A really cool run to see these things.
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6.1 miles this morning.
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I had planned for 18 miles this morning but I got to a trail segment of my route and it was closed for repairs to a bridge so I had to hastily pick a detour. I ended up choosing one that would send me past an extra water fountain but it added more distance to my run than I was expecting and I ended the morning with just under 21 miles. But I was able to keep up about an 8 minute 38 second pace throughout... and I kept shaving time off that with each mile.
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6.2 this morning. Using a heart-rate monitor is helping me raise my game, and I ran that 10k faster than I have in more than three years.
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^ Nice. Which heart monitor are you using sugarbutch? I've been wanting to try one.
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I'm pretty sure it's this one: http://www.pricepoint.com/Brand/Sette/Sette-ST-2000-HRM.axd I wanted to dip my toe into the water before shelling out for a proper system with GPS and whatnot.
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Got in some solid weekend miles. Did 25 in CP and up in Harlem on Saturday in 3:31:48, then ran the 4 mile NYRR race on Sunday in 24:18. Logged 61 miles for the week. It was a HOT weekend too, def added to the degree of difficulty.
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Slighty OT...

I was looking at Bay To Breakers pictures on Flickr and came across a picture of our own samblackbones from a previous year.
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Ran 6 miles at long run pace yesterday.


I had an easy running week because I was tapering for a cycling thing (power test on a local hillclimb). I'm back to normal this week. biggrin.gif

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Yesterday, 4 miles; today, 3 miles. Nothing pretty, but I'm able to run again. I have been sidelined from running since January.

Over the weekend, a new running store opened in what we call the "midtown" section of Detroit. On a whim, I visited the place. It is in one of the few booming areas of the city. Later, this week, a Whole Foods is opening nearby. Here is the website for RUNdetroit: http://www.run-detroit.com/about/

The owner of the store moved to Detroit from Seattle. (That's gotta be a first!) And, so far, he's loved every minute of his new home. He is also restoring a grand house in the city.

Justin, the owner, is an accomplished runner and, what peeked my interest, has a background in orthopedic sports medicine. I had specially made orthotics and a heel lift to compensate for hip problems and pain. In a short period of time, the pain in hip is mostly gone. But, due to the thickness of the orthotic, I was not able fit into my shoe properly. I was not able to run.

Justin spent a good part of an hour analyzing my gait, offering frank advice, and asking the right questions. We ended up with a shoe wasn't too cushy: Saucony Progrid Ride 5. It's a good fit for me, right now, and in spite of recurring stiffness in the hip, I want to run. I was very much impressed with his genuine concern and knowledge. Uncommon service!

I'm writing all this because there is so much bad news from Detroit. Did you hear? We might be selling the art work from the Detroit Institute of Arts to pay the city's debt! In spite of all the bad stuff, there are pockets of good such as this new running store, RUNdetroit, and it's dedicated owner. There are running stores everywhere, but few, in my opinion, match the quality of this place. And, to think that it is Detroit, of all places!

I hope all runners who live in the Detroit metro area will have the chance to visit this store. (It is right next door to the Traffic Jam restaurant.)
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8.25 today w/ intervals.

Glad to hear you can run again CP. Good news on the running store and shoes.
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11, mostly in Golden Gate Park
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just 2.4 today, but Im tapering down for a half iron man at the weekend.


Just cheacked myy total for the year and I'm on 555km so should easly hit 1k km for the year

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Originally Posted by jamiemcp View Post

just 2.4 today, but Im tapering down for a half iron man at the weekend.

Just cheacked myy total for the year and I'm on 555km so should easly hit 1k km for the year

Nice! Swim like a fish, run like the wind and bike like a Wiggins!
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