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Congrats Sam on the race and impressive time.

7.5 miles today in some pretty cold weather.

Decided to try out how my cold weather gear would fair. Temps in the teens with 15 mph wind made it single digit wind chill. The Sugoi 180 pants and 220 jacket were awesome. With only wind boxers and a wicking t-shirt underneath, both the pants and jacket were great to run in. Hard to believe the technology of what amounts to a track suit over underwear could keep me warm in this type of cold.

Winter weight wool socks, neck gaiter, and sweatvac beenie made for a really comfortable run. Gloves were almost too warm. I think I could wear these clothes in negative single digit weather and be ok.
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11.85. Intended to do 10, but needed to make a stop a bit out of the way en route to my son's futsal game.
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Got in just over 11 miles this am in CP in 1:28:34. It was i nthe mid 50's, felt more like April than January. Wonder when the cold weather is going to show up...
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post

i have been jogging (excuse me, 'running') for about 2.5 miles and then i walk briskly 4.5 miles with some stretches of running in between about 5 times a week.


I try to do this on my lunch if I can. :)

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Ran 5.5km today.
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6 today, feeling very strong for January. Still have 45 days or so until my first race of the season.
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5.6 miles today.
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6.5 miles this very cold morning. I don't think I ever really warmed up today.
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I got in 6.24 miles last night.  Went off to explore some other parts of the city I have not ventured in since moving to Nashville in April.  I thought it was a great run and looked up prices to the annual larger HM and M and the prices were $120 for a HM.  I decided I will look for a smaller one since they are all over the place around here and a couple times a month.

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6.5, temp around 40, which passes for cold around here
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6 on sunday night,
11 yesterday with about 1200 ft of climbing.
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5.3 recovery miles. So boring to go slow.
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6.1 miles
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9.3 or so, cooking fast for a cold night, 7:08 pace
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10 ish with strides last night
10.5 tonight

my body is getting back into the routine of high mileage, but my calves are protesting. It is a familiar soreness.
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