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Open Bragging Thread

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Looking back on the other old bragging threads they are for one person to brag about something specific. So I wanted to see how long it would take before a free-for-all got sent to Dumb or got squirelled. So....24 positions in a one-night stand? Win the big game? Outrun the police? Swear to God you just took the biggest dump in recorded history? Get engaged? Get divorced? Let's hear it.
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beat gta4
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I'm awesome.
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scored 3 goals in a ridiculously crappy soccer game. whos the man? whos THE MAN!!!!!
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Most of the seeds I planted are growing. My bay laurel tree is putting on new growth. It's ridic hard to actually cultivate in this climate so that's a win.
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I improved my K/D ratio by 6% on Halo 3 last night.
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Last night, I told a group of girls to shut the fuck up during the The Strangers.
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Originally Posted by GoSurface View Post
Last night, I told a group of girls to shut the fuck up during the The Strangers.
Purseblog gals? Way to go!
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
Purseblog gals? Way to go!

Hey, I did a good job.
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I always suspected that you loaded your YSL bags with bricks or doorknobs or something.
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^Next to the guns, actually.
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This one time in middle school I got out of serving a Saturday morning detention(go in at 6am saturday morning and clean the school for 4 hrs) by telling a teacher that someone in my family didn't like me coming in on Saturday. The someone in my family was myself, and when this was found out at the end of the school year I was scolded by the staff and my science teacher compared me to Bill Clinton.

Still, I was the only kid in middle school to ever get out of a Saturday detention.
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That's awesome, Reggs. I haven't laughed at the internet like that in awhile.
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Look at me. I'm fat, black, can't dance, and I have two gay fathers. People have been messing with me my whole life. I learned a long time ago there's no sense getting all riled up every time a bunch of idiots give you a hard time. In the end, the universe tends to unfold as it should. Plus I have a really large penis. That keeps me happy.
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Duplicated a restaurant menu and inserted my proposal in the dessert selections. The entire restaurant was taking our pictures by the fireplace and we had champagne on the house. Followed by a surprise limo ride and an engagement cake I set up at home reading "To the Future Mrs. Palmer...."
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