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Hawes and curtis

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I had heard that Hawes and Curtis went out of business.  Any idea? Whatever the case, I visited their web site and saw that they have men's "4-fold" 200s cotton shirts(I assume this means 200/2 x 200/2) for 60 pounds.  This is rather inexpensive for cotton of this quality, right(barring high duties)?  Do any of you have (perhaps recent) experience with Hawes and Curtis shirts?  What would you say about the quality?  To which other shirtmaker might Hawes and Curtis be comparable?
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In the old days, Hawes & Curtis was a respected Jermyn St shirtmaker; however, I think they basically went out of business a year or two ago, but it appears somebody has acquired the brand name and the retail location on Jermyn Street. I went in when I was in London a few months ago, and their shirts are being made somewhere like Turkey, definitely not in the UK. Can't comment on the quality, since I had no real interest in a non-UK made shirt.
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I bought a wing collar shirt from H & C last year to wear to a white tie ball. The shirt is OK, but it certainly isn't in the league of H & K.
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h&c are not among the best british shirts; however, i find them a very good value.. and no other 'jermyn street' shirts fit me better than h&c's stirling slim fit..
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They were once a bespoke tailoring house as well.

I have a nice blue coat from them, early 60s (before I was born).

Cut is very structured.
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Hawes & Curtis are definately not in the league of some notable shirtmakers, but I find that they offer good value for money. They must be (correct me if I'm wrong) in partnership with T.M. Lewin, because they are very similar in many ways. I wouldn't buy the shirts at £60, and especially because I'm assuming that you're not in the UK. Neither of these brand EVER sell at RRP - at the moment they're at about £30 or 4 for £100. This represents good value for me, especially as I'm young. On a quality side, they're definately nowhere near many shirts posted about (and lusted after hehe) on these forums, but for RTW I can't see anything wrong with them. Of course there's no handstitching, but there's nothing notably bad about the overall finish of the shirts.

Sorry if my post was a bit incoherent, I'm pretty tired and have a lot inside my head at the moment....
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They are celebrating 100 years with a range of premium shirts with 140/2 cotton and MOP button.
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