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your opinion on rimless eyeglasses

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for some reason i really like rimless eyeglasses, but am i wrong in thinking that they are mostly for business or other professional settings?

i want to get some but at the same time i don't want to appear up tight or anything.

also, could you recommend some specific frames?
anything up to around $400 is ok..

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I've always found that rimless glasses are good if you want a more subtle look. They do almost nothing for enchaning or changing your facial features.
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They can look great; see Jamie Foxx in Collateral
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If you want eyeglasses that are absolutley rimless and look as if you're wearing nothing at all, check out T2 Eyewear. They're flexible plastic. Even with my heavier prescription, mine weighed about five grams.

I had a pair of these until last week. Incredibly light, and unique. They're the same lenses that Jamie on Mythbusters wears, I believe.

I wore them professionally for about a year a half. Gave presentations at work and participated in some high-profile projects. I don't think they ever once made me look uptight. If anything, these are sort of funky and unique.

Of course, i just switched to a totally-opposite style with a pair of heavy Persols. But I shave my head, so needed some sort of definition in my face. Rimless just sort of made me face look blank.
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Lindberg also makes some nice rimless eyeglasses (I wear a pair).
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I feel they thin out thick faces pretty well. I can dig em on the right person.
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I'm sure a few individuals can pull them off well, but in general I'm not too crazy about the look.
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I like the look. I have several pairs of glasses and like the rimless ones the best.

There are numerous variations on them and sometimes the smallest detail can have an interesting effect on your overall look. I think some of the posters here that don't like them may have seen plain, bland versions. For example check out these Kazuo Kawasaki rimless glasses (they have many styles and the lenses can be shaped to fit your preferences.
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