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Who makes Hermes suits? Shirts, leathers, ties, etc?
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Suits I believe Belvest Leather jackets, Seraphin edit: some of thier silks for scarves and ties made and screened in Italy (Como)
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Not sure who does the shirts, sadly. I know the watches are made in their own facility in Biel. The enamel bracelets (well, not for us but for Mom) are made by Michaela Frey in Vienna. The umbrellas are by Swaine Adeney. Hermes also owns or has a controlling interest in other luxury makers including the goldsmiths Puiforcat, Cristalleries Saint-Louis, Motsch (hats), Verel de Belval, Zumsteg, John Lobb Paris (duh.) and Leica (yes, Leica), many of whom may make certain items for Hermes.
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