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Paul Frederick

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I think I can guess the answer. Looked for a thread on this manufacturer, but didn't run across one. If it has been discussed already, please point me in the right direction. Any feelings/info on the quality of the clothing?
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This was discussed a while back. If you searched for "frederick", try "fredrick". Is the search function working, though? I just tried it and got an error message.
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Well, I contacted support about the search function. Anyway, I have a Paul Fredrick shirt I got at a thrift store, and it is reasonably nice in construction and quality. The fabric is not the best, but it does look pretty good. And this one was made for someone else, not me. IIRC there were some yea votes and some nay votes when it was discussed before, but since it has not been brought up in a long while I'll guess most people have moved on to other options for whatever reason.
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Ok, it was just me, my cookies were corrupt or something. Now that I can search, it appears they haven't been brought up much, but there are better values to be found.
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I happen to like their custom order dress shirts. The quality isn't bad for the money, in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of french cuff shirts, and they offer them in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
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I've gotten a few shirts on discount from them. Like 9 ball said, they have quite a selection of french cuff shirts. Not slim fit at all but ok. For 15 bucks I wasn't going to argue
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I've always been satisfied with the cut and fabric. The shirts wear well and stand up to repeated launderings.
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