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Chan suits

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Does "Chan" have a website? I have seen pics of suits ordered from him but do no know who he is. From what I can tell you can have yourslef measured and they will make a suit to fit. Is this accurate? I have heard good things about this place http://www.hkbroadwaycustomtailor.com/mailorder.htm Has anyone used them? Thanks for any information
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http://www.wwchan.com/ do a search here - lots of posts about Chan
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they come to the US three times a year. Better to go to HK for the first purchase. Great attention to detail. If you insist on US fitting you really need to bring what you like to have it copied and measured. WW Chan and Sons, 94 Nathan Rd, Kowloon, website as per previous posting. Highly recommended.
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You guys really, really, REALLY need to Search before you start a new thread, since chances are your question has been answered 10 times already. Also, try Google.
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