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Originally Posted by ekstra View Post

I just picked up a lane cord mattalini jacket, and I swear it's my favorite item I own. The detailing is retarded (the good retarded).

Mind me asking where you got it?
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happy to see a thread about these guys. i have a pair of the floral shorts from S/S2011 and i get compliments on them every day i wear them. the fabric is amazing, the fit is amazing, and the detailing is... amazing. i really have no complaints about them other than the fact that i only have one pair
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Yup, I am 6'2+ and have come to the same conclusion about the short arms. I need around 26" to not look ridiculous. If I fit Post O'alls to arm size, they are way too loose. I cannot roll. It just kills me tho because they are nice pieces.
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You gotta roll. I forgive them for the short sleeves and roll 'em. Favorite shirts.
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Tried on some pieces last weekend in Present London, you're right on the detailing and the short sleeves. Luckily for me I'm only 5"11 and they seem to fit just right to my wrist. Would like to see more imagery of products released from them, but suppose you can't have it all ...

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I love their designs and details but the fits just don't work for me. Once I get something that fits in the chest/shoulders it ends up being absolutely huge in the body. And the sleeves are short too, especially on some of their outerwear. Too bad as I like their shirting a lot but I'll stick with EG which tends to fit me much better.
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I am 5 10 and the sleeves are perfect. I've heard this complaint before with Post, but I like wearing the jacket over a button down. I can then show a little cuff and still flex those awesome post cuffs with the angled stitching and the chunky buttons on the engineer.
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Does anybody own an Engineers jacket?

Thinking of picking one up.
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Hey everybody,


We currently have our SS12 Post O'alls merchandise at 50% off today through Sunday!


Current stock is as follows:


Engineers Jacket - indigo 10oz denim - Sml, Med


Engineers Jacket - blue southern chambray - Sml


Royal Travler Vest - khaki pima poplin - Xsm, Lrg


Covert Cruiser Vest - Grey - Sml, Med, Lrg


Post-R Shirt - blue southern chambray - Sml, Med


Engineers Shirt - khaki pima poplin - Sml, Med,


Sweet Lighter Supreme shirt - red, white, blue check - Lrg


S/S End on End Engineers Shirt - Blue - Med


S/S End on End Engineers Shirt - Grape - Sml, Lrg


Vintage Calico Menpolini Shorts - oxblood - Sml, Med


Contact us for pricing and inquires (312) 675-2105 or




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Just picked up the Post-R shirt in the Southern Chambray from Joel to match my Royal Traveler in Engineer's Jacket. Still some good deals left.

On another note, Extra-NYC has had their webshop online for several months now:

Some pics from my tumblr:








Koji from Extra-NYC

Mr. ts(s) and Mr. Post Overalls
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Just put up the iconic Cruzer jacket in the buying/selling
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I wish Post O'alls wasn't so short in the damn arms.
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was really upset to have missed out on the multi-stripe engineer jacket in medium - if anyone has one to get rid of... or know where i can find one, let me know.
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Are there shots of the upcoming Royal Traveler vests floating around? Didn't notice any in the smattering of Pitti photos that have been posted.

I emailed Post to see what materials would be available, and they only mentioned cotton twill hitting the usual retailers in a few weeks - no mention of colors or alternate fabrics.

Been trying to hunt down a small denim/chambray traveler at a reasonable price domestically for a little while, and I want to make sure I don't miss out if something particularly rad is coming out in the immediate.
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I have a ton of post stuff for sale at good prices. Let me know your size and I will tell you what I've got.

Check my ebay feedback for ebay items sold. I have sold many more to people besides these too.
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