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I recently found my way to a Pink store. I was pleasantly suprised with what I found, many very nice shirts. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere online I can find them at a little below retail? Thanks. Eric
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They have wonderful sales, about twice a year. If you can wait, you'll find the shirts marked down a great deal. I think the sales are after Fathers Day and Christmas. I actually bought some at their shop in Terminal Four at Heathrow, quite awhile ago. Maybe the dollar was strong, but it seemed the shirts were cheaper than in the US.
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I recently found my way to a Pink store.  I was pleasantly suprised with what I found, many very nice shirts.  I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere online I can find them at a little below retail?
To my knowledge, Thomas Pink shirts are only sold in Thomas Pink stores and on the Thomas Pink website. Your best bet is to buy during sales or while in Great Britain -- they're less expensive over there than they are in the US.
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As Jcusey said, Thomas Pink shirts are available only at Thomas Pink boutiques.  I know they are cheaper over in Europe, and you can get them discounted during one of their two yearly sales.  The boutique where I am in San Franciso has their summer sale in July and it usually lasts for two to three weeks.  Most of my stuff I have boughten from Pink has been full retail, however I did get a few things at their sale.  Usually they mark down shirts to a certain price point the first week, and then the markdowns continue until the sale ends.  My most recent purchase from there was one of their 170's shirts (retail $195) which I picked up for $90.  I also purchased another one of their shirts for $39 (retail $125).  I am not sure if their cashmere sweaters go on sale.  In fact, if anyone here could comment on the quality of Pink cashmere sweaters I would appreciate it.  I am going to be purchasing a cashmere sweater for the winter (Loro Piana most likely) however I was just curious to get some opinions on the Pink sweaters (I know the quality is not as good as Loro Piana). Your other option is to get Pink off ebay, although there is probably not alot out there.  As a side note, Pink just started a custom shirt program, available only in the UK however.  Their website is www.thomaspink.com in case you want to check it out.  Unfortunately it's not all that user friendly.
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If you find your way back to a Pink store anytime soon, I would suggest giving your name, phone # and size to one of the salespeople. I did so last summer during the early portion of the summer sale, and I indicated that was interested in the 170's shirts they sell, if they got marked down to $60 as they had in January; she called me a few weeks later and had put aside several in my size. She mailed them out the next day. While the shirts are usually cheaper in the UK, $60 for these shirts is a great deal; the 170's fabric is really nice.
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Thanks for all the replies fellas. I was hoping I would be able to get around paying full price (exluding the semi-annual sale) but if thats not the case at least I can stop wasting my time trying to. I have a friend that apparently has the hookup at the local Pink store, I'll have to look into that. Thanks again. Eric
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as noted above, thomas pink can be found duty free at heathrow in both terminal 4 and terminal 1 the prices are PoundsSterling 51 at duty free for their basic shirts, which is a savings
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