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Fissler Cookware

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Does anyone have personal experience with the stainless line from Fissler? My understanding is that it is quite popular in Europe and comparable to All-Clad. Fissler also apparently has a loyal Korean following. My fiancee's parents [Korean] want to buy us a set as a wedding present. The only authorized dealer that I could find is in K-town, and they don't speak English. From the store displays, the pressure cookers seem a little gimmicky, but the stainless professional line seems very solid. It seems to compare very favorably to the All-Clad stainless stuff at Williams Sonoma, in fact, to my untrained eye, the cookware appears sturdier than A-C, and the fit and finish also seems better. Also, the Fissler line doesn't have the rivets on the inside of the handles like A-C. Trivial details, maybe.

Anyway, does anyone use the stuff? It's very expensive. The only thing that worries me is that if something should go wrong, service or warrantee work would likely be difficult.

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Just go with the All Clad MC line.
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Originally Posted by antirabbit View Post
Just go with the All Clad MC line.

It is a gift so he may not have the choice.

I've not seen it but depending on the weight, it sounds comparable or even better (I also prefer not having inside rivets for cleaning purposes).
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I just got a Sirocco skillet and saute pan from Demeyere. They're also rivetless, unlike the rest of my cookware which is All-Clad Stainless. The heft is significantly greater on the Demeyere, and cleaning them is easier without the rivets. The Fissler looks pretty good, to my eye. I wouldn't worry about it.
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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
I just got Sirocco skillet and Saute pan from Demeyere.

Fantastic stuff, eh?
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Originally Posted by TheHoff View Post
Fantastic stuff, eh?
Yea, your influence - pretty freaking awesome, I must admit. If we can find it on sale, we'll probably move towards it as opposed to AC SS going forward. Though I still want to get some copper as well. I need to figure out what it makes sense to buy, in copper. I don't plan on getting rid of any of my cookware or "upgrading". Seems silly. (Sorry to jack your thread.)
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Fissler is definitely everywhere outside the USA, I remember seeing quite a few advertisements for their things back home. I don't remember ever using any of their products, however.
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PM sent. Fissler makes fantastic products, can't imagine going and cooking on anything else. The profi stuff gets pretty heavy; don't expect your woman to enjoy the experience.
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If someone's giving you Fissler Cookware, I would be EXTREMELY grateful. The stuff really is top-notch. I only have experience with the professional line and can't really speak of their new Intensa line, but I do have to admit that I will probably pick up a piece. As for warranty/service issues, that really is a non-issue anymore as Fissler is finally formally distributed in the US via FisslerUSA. I would highly recommend this line especially if you don't have to pay for it.
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I see that this forum is some weeks old but I thought I post an professional oppinion. i'm a German and professional chef for more than 20 years. I live in the US for a couple years now and I know and use Fissler for more than 10 years . There is nothing compareble in the market, I think it is by far supirior to All Clad and all the other stuff here and I'm glad to see that I can finally buy that stuff here in America. Particulary the profi line, when it comes to handling, cleaning and use. Consider your self lucky for a wedding gift like that, I hope your marriage lasts as long as these pots will.
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the differences between all the clad (ie the entire pot or pan constructed of a sandwhich of aluminum and steel) pots and pans will be unnoticable. It really is all about aesthetics at this point, they all perform so closely that you will have a difficult time observing any difference
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I've seen the stuff and it appears to be higher quality than All-Clad, but I do not believe it justifies the price. I ended up getting stainless All-Clad and am happy with my decision. All-Clad is no frills, workhorse gear. And the price is very reasonable. YMMV.
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Oh man, hate seeing spam come from a brand I actually like. Fissler is sold from all kinds of crap department stores in Europe. Still love my profi line stuff at ~90% off.
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I'm very partial to the AllClad stainless steel line, and honestly have never heard of Fissler until this thread. That being said, I like the clearance the handles on both the sides of the pot and the lids have from the rest of the pot - this appears very practical in terms of not burning yourself and with grabbing the pot with a set of mitts/towels.

I personally do not like the idea of spot-welding attachments onto the body of the cookware. Fundamentally, a rivet attachment is stronger, but if the spot-weld never breaks, then who cares! I also have given up on cleaning every nook and cranny on my AllClads - I feel that a little crust in places gives it a little character.
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