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Bespoke shoemaker in Madrid or Barcelona?

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Hi all,


I'm traveling to Madrid and Barcelona next month (4 days in each city) and was hoping get to some custom shoes made. Generally speaking, I have a wide, flat foot with a high instep, which has made finding the perfect shoe rather difficult.  


I'm definitely going to check out Meermin while I'm in Madrid and was hoping I could get some custom shoes made.  Is ~3 days enough, and are there any places you guys would recommend?



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Most bespoke makers will have a second fitting after the initial order, prior to welting, bottoming, and finishing touches. So I'm not sure your travel schedule would allow for the full bespoke process.

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Trial pairs can be done via the post. All you need physically is a measurement. Many on this Forum think highly of the bespoke work of Norman Vilalta in Barcelona.

But where do you live? I'll bet there's a maker of custom shoes near you.
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Thanks for the tip on Norman Vilalta, I'll make sure to visit!


I'm in San Francisco.  I know I should be able to find something, and I have quite a few pairs of Allen Edmonds (12D - 12E - 12.5) (5, 8, and 201 lasts) but none of them are what I'd call perfect.  12D 65 last is close - but I can't walk more than 500 feet in it.  Walking around the office/meetings is fine though.


The idea of buying a custom made shoe in Spain just sounds very nice.

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I'd look into Rick Roman in Eugene Oregon, Craig Corvin in Seattle, or our very own DW Frommer in eastern Oregon. They'll all be around Vilalta's price point (Roman definitely under). They all make top-quality, hand-welted shoes. Check out this list of US custom and hand-welted shoes by an SF moderator (there's a bespoke maker in LA, too).
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