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Which Cashmere Cardigan should I keep?

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some advice in my recent holiday puchases.

I was looking for a nice sweater, so I ordered a BC cashmere cardigan on yoox and have been giving it a thorough look over before deciding if i should return it.
During my check, I noticed what appears to be repair stitching (white stitching in a very specific location) where there was a tear or error in the original garment. There might be more, but this is the largest one.
I love the cardigan and if it was defect free, I would keep it in a heartbeat. However, I am worried that paying $500 for a repaired knitwear item is going to end up a bad deal. The color is wonderful, the buttons are just the style I like and I also really like the brown lining they added for detail.

To cover my bases, I found a nice cruciani cardigan on ebay that was much cheaper (~$300). I have noticed some minor repair work (almost unnoticable) and the fabrics feel similar. However, I notticed that there is a red tinge to the cruciani fabric, and its found on the entire cardigan. This red tint worries me, as the BC cardigan looks "Cleaner" and this makes me feel like the fabric might be lower quality.

Overall, I like the BC more, the fabric feels slightly better and the button style is more appealing to me, but I am worried I am overpaying for it, and should just take the cruciani instead. I am not sure if I could potentially appeal to yoox for a further discount, as this would seal the deal with the BC if all else was equal.

Here are 3 photos showing what I am talking about. I took two photos to show the red tinting of the cruciani and one for the BC.

Thanks a bunch!
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Quality of both Cucineli and Cruciani is high. Based upon my experience, I can't say which is higher. The red tint of the Cruciani is probably the color of a specific dye, unrelated to quality.

Said that, personally I wouldn't be paying $300-$500 for a sweater with defects. YMMV.
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To be fair, I am not even sure if the cruciani has had repair work, as the issue i saw was so small that it might just be something random.
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