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Nope, those conferences are pretty much the highlight of the shows. Sonys is tonight at 6pst.
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oh my god that looks amazing
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Live E3 Gameplay Presentation of the new Zelda

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That Zelda gameplays is pretty awesome.

Jump and climb almost anything, gliding, snowboarding with the shield, decapitating skeletons and using their arms to beat them to death and that open world, just wow.

Gon' have to jack my brothers WiiU til I can get an NX lol8[1].gif
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E3 isn't over yet, but this and Dishonored 2, were the highlights of the event for me.



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Kojima's new game looks...interesting:


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Yeah, Nintendo just sold me a console with that trailer. Holy shit.

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Sony's press conference was fantastic. I don't think I have seen them more confident and sure of themselves. It was all games, games and games. Sold the public on VR without having to even talk much about VR. It's going to be a great year.
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Yes, as a Sony fan I was amazed by all the announcements. GoW, Horizon, TLG, Detroit, Spiderman, Days Gone and Death Stranding (though far away and we don´t really know how the game will play) were all great. I love that how God of War is looking now, a much more mature game compared to any of the previous titles.

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I got the wireless Xbox One controller for my PC. I think it feels really great.

I'm finishing up GTAV and should be done with that soon. I really want to play the Mad Max game but it's still $60. I think I'll work through the Walking Dead games and just wait for Mad Max to go on sale.
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I wouldn't worry about Mad Max. It's a fun game, but pretty repetitive. I think I maybe played six hours before I got bored. 

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Looks like a fun little game. I read it's like a 3rd person Far Cry in the sense that you take over territory, plus you get to customize your car.

This video was really tense. Impressive stuff. I'm totally ok with people trying to rip off Last Of Us.
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Days Gone did look really good. My issues is i'm getting fairly tired of seeing games with zombies even if it they do seem to have a unique take on it.
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I liked the trailer then saw the demo and turned out to be another zombie game and lost interest.

Dude looks like he is Dante from Devil May Cry with the unlimited bullets out there too.
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