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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (Return to the Thunderdome) - Page 1722

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Vintage USA-made Brooks Brothers three-piece. 3 button. Tagged 39 Short with a 34 waist. I believe the jacket size, but the pants are more like a 30. Hit me up if you need a sack suit.


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Originally Posted by horse's_ass View Post

Any idea how old this is? Never seen anything from BB made in Denmark.


I  found a khaki version of that a while back. Never could nail down the age.

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Great Haul Spoo!

Excellent suggestion about the Master's Jackets in the Spring, Dr. L. Very simple practical and easy.

Now, about all the fighting:

Stop all the stupid fighting and Dick measuring. It doesn't matter who you are, someone somewhere knows more than you about something. It's shitty to ridicule other people on here. Everyone is learning. While this thread is about bragging, it does not need to be about putting someone else down in order to brag.

Besides, Spoo has the biggest Thrift Dick, Dr. L is the smartest, Playdice is the funkiest, Capnwes has found more shell, Thrift Vader can rebuild a fucking car including repairing rust in sheetmetal, and a whole lot of others are the absolute best at what they do.

Plus, if we are talking about actual dick size, mine's the biggest. So, cut the shit out.
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thrift fit

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Great day today.
Three pops to show off. First is a Dale of Norway sweater already claimed by Ms Woofa.

Then 2 insane finds for me. Different stores and these are going right into my closet.

The l.p. cashmere is insane. And I love cashmere ties.
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What the hell are you talking about jompso. Engaging in what? You see a comment from me "NO". So Don't you dare try and drag me into your Bullshit again. I've had enough of you that's why I dont. I want nothing to do with you. Back off do whatever you want as long as doesn't involve me. You have no idea what's up so leave your opinions at the door there guy and grow the hell up. Should have block you before now for sure.
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Some vinyl today....bought a few 78's just based on the artist / band names alone - no idea what they will sound like.


Japanese press with obi.  


Has two of my fave Stones tracks, and reminds me of my father who had all the early Stones and Floyd original vinyl.


Anderson's Oshkosh Serenaders...?


Two Ton Baker and The Temp Tones...?


Texas Ruby with Curly Fox and His Fox Hunters...?


Walter, pre-Wendy.  

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Originally Posted by Jompso View Post

I want to apologize to the thread, I am sorry. I am going to simply reply and I promise I will not say another word about this or to them or anything. I'm finished. My simple reply (Click to show)
You can think or claim what you wish, but the fact is me buying from those places would make no sense, there is zero logic there. Forget the fact that the stuff I pull (CM) can't be found at consignment shops here (and craigslist? really?), and let's just say for arguments sake, that it can be found here. Why would I ever waist my money buying it from these places? This is one half of my income doing this, 50%, do you honestly think I would waist the time and resources to buy that shit just to post here? Tie up my finances doing that when I could be making money? There is zero logic in your claims. I know you want them to be true, and trust me, your opinion is of no concern, if you think I bought the stuff retail then fine, I'm just purely pointing out how this would make zero sense. I don't do this for fun. Yes I love doing it, but I do it for a living, the logic is simply not there.

And I'm self absorbed? I don't understand this. First, I've never seen you add advice, help, inform or do anything in anyway to add to this thread as far as helping out other people or sharing knowledge or anything. You simply use this thread to post pics of your thrift brags which is fine, it's what the thread is for. But people also do come here to learn, or further their knowledge, and if I am able to aid in that in any way, I like to. I enjoy sharing what I know, I will with anyone at any time. I've spent the time, worked in the industry, have a degree from a top fashion school..I put in the time and I like to be generous with what I have gotten from that time, not hoard it like some selfish asshole. If people can't see that, don't want to, or don't care, it's up to them. But apparently I've been busy being self absorbed and not doing any of that...

Oh and totally man...I'm sure that you are. and can. or whatever. big guy... 

 man, I know your situation and what you hit, for a fact, resales all day, so I don't know why you're even passively engaging...
I'm sorry guys, I promise I'm not speaking on this again, I just needed to say my part. I'm done.

Did it make sense when you bought shit off ebay just to brag here and then resell it for a bit more?
Yes I DO think you wanna be the best so much that you will buy a jacket for 15O amd then resell it for 200 just so you can whip your dick out on here.its already been proven that you have.
Im not saying it all is,i know LA is a goldmine but dont piss down my back and tell me its raining.

Dumbass...i get questions all the time OVER PM.and Im sure people can confirm i alwways take time to answer.secondly how long have you been here.how do you know i didnt dish out knowledge before you were here.
I dont school unless Im asked because I dont feel the need to gush what I know unless Im asked (mostly) you on the other hand feel the need to unleasjh your mental diarrhea whether someone asked or didnt.
I dont even mind that you do...just cut that shit short.get to the fucking point and dont circle jerk with yourself about a topic.
And for the record yes i do have u on ignore but whem someone quotes you it still shows up and fucks up my mojo never mind my browser.
Just a wall of jompsodiarrhea.
Anywhoo,now im gonna take NobleProfessors advise.have a shot of Rum and smoke a big joint to calm my 40 year old ass down.
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Originally Posted by ilikethelights View Post

thrift fit

I want to make this my avatar so bad
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Congrats on the ties woofa!! Crazy for you to find both same day. That's the type of finds that keeps you out there sorting through all those terrible ugly ties!
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Thanks and a big shout out to the need machine. Made a trade a few months back for something for my wife and today an extra gift came. So very generous.
Thank you.
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Originally Posted by drlivingston View Post

lol... It's all good, no matter where you got it. We need to meet up at some point. There are probably some stops in B'ham that you are not familiar with that I am more than willing to share.

Yeah, that would be cool. School starts next week, but I'll still probably make a trip or two up that way this month.
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Almost forgot.something for vintage fans.
Danish desk lamp and Im a huge fan of Citizen stuff.perfect condition perfect working cube radio.

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Who are the camera lens experts here?
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