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Another blazer jeans combo

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What do you guys think about this with PDC jeans and a blue/black/grey dress shirt w/o tie? or polo? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWN:IT
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Awesome jacket, even better price.   Umm... for that look, I wouldn't recommend PDC jeans for you after seeing your pics, stick to something traditional like Levis. NO TIE... It would look too uptight with your haircut and glasses. If you're going casual, go all the way. A polo would look great. I bet you could even add a pocket square to finish off the look.
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That sounds like it may work, it may sound kinda funny but I don't really have any traditional jeans anymore, just PDC/seven/diesel... been too busy looking for good deals for brand name denim and have almost no staples left.
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Ok, cool, it could work. Just one more thing... for godsakes, unbutton the first TWO top buttons. If you're gonna wear PDC/Seven's you need to look less uptight, especially with that cool Etro shirt. I'd also suggest talking to LAGuy for some recommendations on some new, edgy frames for wear outside the office. Damn, look what happens when you post a pic, the whole forum rips apart your style and wants to change you. It's not so different than getting a new girlfriend...
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Yeah, I'm actually getting some cartier frames pretty soon, there are some other ones that I am checking out too.
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Dude, no Cartier frames. You need something a little more angular and modern because you have a round face. Try Prodesigns (always my favorite, and great deal) or maybe something with Dolce & Gabbana (good angular frames in surprisingly subdued styles) or, if you want to be cutting edge, from the British Booth&Bruce, from England. Also, maybe you should try a different haircut. As a fellow Asian, I feel your pain (had a flock of seagulls haircut at one point.)
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I like the blazer, but it might be hard to match it with a blue shirt and/or blue jeans. At least make sure that the shades of blue are not overly similar.
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I think the only blazer which can fit with jeans (and a white shirt) is the classic blue blazer with brass buttons. And only if you are under 35. But this is, of course, only my opinion.
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Hmm, well I don't own a navy blazer at all, and rarely wear white shirts except with a full suit, i guess we have different styles... i wear polos with blazers perhaps more often than dress shirts.
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