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Originally Posted by James1051 View Post

Have u tried MDCI's Invasion of the Barbers? And if so is it worth the price?

Invasion Barbare is hugely popular in the Internet fragrance community (as you probably noticed). I'm not a big fan, though. It's a cool, spicy scent with prominent violet leaf, thyme, and ginger. You can definitely smell the quality, so if you like those notes, there's a good chance you'll like the scent.

My opinion of Chypre Palatin is different than HORNS'. I think it's an amazing scent, and I much prefer it to IB. I got a very good deal on mine; honestly I don't think I'd pay full price for a full bottle, just because it is soooo expensive.

Originally Posted by SoGent View Post

TF tobacco oud on top of mona di orio oud.

I find both of those fragrances to be fairly dirty, especially the Mona di Orio. I never layer things, but I'm curious how those two would smell together.

Pre-shower: Iris Ukiyoe
SOTD: TF Oud Fleur
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Oh, don't get me wrong, L'Inc, I consider Pour Monsieur Concentree my "first love" and still one of my all time top five fragrances, so a comparison to that is quite high praise from me.
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Tom Ford Black Orchid with Voyage d'Hermes to lighten up the composition

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Today I'm sampling Un Jardin en Mediterranee
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Today I'm sampling Un Jardin en Mediterranee

Nothing smells as good as Hermes feels

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Creed Aventus today. Yesterday was FM Bois D'Orage.
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Some more random samples... Still got a few piles to go!

(Are you guys getting tired/annoyed with these reviews? I don't really bother writing reviews on BN or other sites, just collect some thoughts and post 'em here though)

Heeley - Menthe Fraiche - Well the good news, at least for me is it isn't what I was expecting. It's not a strong mentholated cooling toothpaste sort of mint, nor is it overly spearmint. It's a bit like Guerlain Aqua Allegoria's Herba Fresca, sort of a slighty sweet (simple syrup), prickly herbal mint, so more like the actual leaves of the plant. Very low projection, even off the scent stick. Now i'm getting this hint of a sort of BO accord, not strong. Reminds me a bit of the mint+tea combo side of Carthusia's Medetteraneo (without the citrus side). There's a bit of wet dirt here, which is the BO note I mentioned earlier. Surprisingly, nobody else on BN mentioned it and for me it's very loud and clear. Lastly there's some dry peppery woods, cedar. In short, it's very pleasant, refreshing, and I give it a lot of credit for doing mint very very well. And it's niche and the packaging IMO is beautiful. Downside? Well it's very short lived, I smelled almost the top to bottom just in one 2-3 minute sitting of blowing on the plastic stick. Minimal longevity and projection, more like an EdC, and there are similar, though not quite as good offerings out there already. Plus it's not cheap ($150-175 for 100ml)... and lastly it's good, but too simple. An excellent example of a single accord, with one strong note and a few supporting characters, but there's no story here, no adventure, not twists and turns. It's a short story with a great opening that goes nowhere in particular. Encore!?! It's a very well done scent, but only half complete. I'm left with a decision for a recommendation, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with a PASS. Instead try Bvlgari Au The Vert, Malle Geranium PM, Guerlain AA Herba Fresca, and Carthusia's Meditteraneo.

Geo F Trumper - Astor - from a 10ml decant someone put in the last swap box. I think I'm basically smelling a Bay Rum of sorts her. Spices, grassy, woody, all very mellow, slightly dry and dusty. Reminds me of Royall Musk for example. Nutmeg, cedar and sandlewood, maybe a hint of dry tobacco. This is 80's old school, and I mean 1880's. Very dated IMO so unless you're really into these sort of bay rum / Florida water type dealeos, it's a blech to me. PASS with strong prejudice.

Guerlain - Habit Rouge Légère - I think this is a sample actually from two sample swap boxes ago. Oh wow, bright fresh sweet leather citrus. This has Guerlain written all over it... It's so refreshing to smell such good juice after so many duds. Hints of powder and skant. Musty lemon, leather. Civet. Powder and vanilla. There's a really big strong bright opening here with that lemon+wood+spice+powder/leather. There's nods at Chypre as well as Oriental facets. This is wonderful juice, maybe even (dare I say it?!) better than the original. If you like Guerlain, and if you like HR, this is a must TRY, or at the very least if you've never tried HR, try that and start there. If I had to choose between the original or this, that's actually a tough call. I'm a purist so I'd probably go EdP original (though I own the EdT of HR and regret not going for the EdP) but this is excellent juice. And don't let the 'light' name fool you. The juice is potent. It's just a brighter version of the original. I almost feel like this could be one of my signature scents, and yet, at 28 years of age, I feel it's going to take me a few more before I'm really comfortable in a Guerlain. Last comment, I'm still just thinking about how well built this thing is. It's just so rare to find well blended full bodied scents like this these days.

Ralph Lauren - Safari for Men (vintage?) - Got this sample from a fellow enthusiast who started off as a customer at the store. Oh wow, this reminds me of my father in the 90's, wearing his 80's powerhouses. Hmmm, leathery honey, oakmoss and a touch of stank. My first thought is Boss No.1 and maybe a bit of Antaues. This is fougere I think. It's the beezwax! that's what I'm smelling. It's got herbs, it's got wood, and that honeyed goodness. I used to hate this sort of scent becuase there was a large cloud of it around my dad every time he and my mother went out to a movie or for dinner with another couple. Now, it's nostalgic. Not something I'd wear personally, or at least for another 10 years, lest I smell like I raided my father's bathroom, but well worth a sniff if you're into these sort of scents. It may be hard to find though. And seeing what you guys generally post, I'm actually going to say it's worth a TRY if you see if at a random hole in the wall store. Maybe even worth buying a sample, again if you want to know what the 80's era smelled like. Not sure how much bottles on eBay are going for these days, hopefully this is an oldie but cheapie type.

La Prairie - Life Threads: Silver - In all fairness, my sample either evaporated or I wore it years ago and forgot about it. So I'm sniffing the empty container. It's basically a slightly fruity powdery vanilla tuberose. Smells like a woman in a business suit who bought the perfume at the same place she got her facecream becuase it was expensive, so it had to be good right? Nice hint of orange blossom and strong bit of jasmine to round it out. It's ok, very presentable but nothing interesting. It says 'I put on perfume out of habit but have no personal taste except spending a lot of money to make sure I get something that's sure to be acceptable'. Basic, well built, but boring. PASS

Jack Black - Signature Blue Mark - OK, a nice fresh citrus floral aquatic type thing. Better than most of these I've smelled, though pretty generic. I get neroli, lemon, lavender and something herbal like thyme or rosemary. Reminds me a bit of Cool Water. Bit of fresh mint here. Some prickly woody juniper. Eh, it's pleasant but generic. Smells like a guy who got it as a present and wears it to the gym. PASS
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Originally Posted by Eric Michael View Post

Nothing smells as good as Hermes feels
nothing costs as much as Hermes asks
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

I find both of those fragrances to be fairly dirty, especially the Mona di Orio. I never layer things, but I'm curious how those two would smell together.

   I layer quite a bit and find it works very well for me.

   most likely a body chemistry thing because I wouldn't consider either of those two as being 'dirty'

   I layered the two because the tobacco note in the tom ford is fairly light. the loatian oud in the MdO is from the original batch and the only oud I truly like,

   it overrides the ridiculously synthetic used by Ford.


   together they work well in a ratio of 1:1

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Eveningtime scent is Rose Etoile de Hollande.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

nothing costs as much as Hermes asks

Many houses ask far more for their perfume: Frederic Malle, Byredo, Bois 1920, TF Private Blend, Bond No.9, Creed, etc

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Originally Posted by Eric Michael View Post

Many houses ask far more for their perfume: Frederic Malle, Byredo, Bois 1920, TF Private Blend, Bond No.9, Creed, etc

Have to agree with that, and then you have to add the "Australia Tax", where we are expected to pay double what the rest of the world pays.

My solution is to never buy stuff unless it is on special. My exposure to the brands you listed is nearly all through samples; I can't justify buying FBs of any of them, no matter how good they might be.
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That's a shame, because at least in Canada, perfumes seldom ever are discounted.

But we also don't have a huge tax on them.

For instance, Tom Ford PB 100ml would be about $330, Creed 100ml (depending on frag.) would be about the same...


Would you consider buying online from a US retailer, after sampling in Oz?

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This morning, trying one of my samples - Amouage Epic Man.
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Today: Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano. For those who like the tobacco note, as in a pipe tobacco, this one is very good because it is dryer than many of the typical tobacco fragrances and it has a lighter Italian touch to it. It's as if Jean Claude Ellena did a tobacco fragrance.

For the Epic Man, I like it but I am still leaning towards Memoir and/or Fate for my first Amouage purchase.
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