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Polo mccallum boots on bluefly

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I'm a little irked that I didn't pick up a pair of the McCallum boots on Bluefly during the 20% off sale. Did anyone buy a 10.5 that they are planning on returning? Let me know, because I might want to give them a shot.
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My 10.5 McCallums aren't going anywhere. If you want chukkas with a Dainite sole, the actual C&J Chepstows are 200 GBP at Pediwear--that's pretty close pricewise, though not shell cordovan.
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I wasn't trying to pry them from you Retro. Hey, Retro, what are you going to wear them with? I might end up picking up a pair anyways, but I'm not sure what I'd use them with. Are they a good shoe for the winter in the Northeast? Or is it truly a "dress boot" that should be treated exactly the same as a regular oxford? In that vein, what the heck does everyone do when there is slush on the ground and you are walking to work?
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Johnny, these are shoes that would not work with slim-fit slacks or suits, but work with pretty much anything else.  They are fine with jeans, fine with wider-legged slacks, and IMHO (though I haven't tried this), fine with suits that are not cut in a really slim style.  They are a heavy and substantial pair of shoes, but they are still somewhat graceful, and the very dark brown color makes them a good match for lots of clothes.   If you want a fairly uneducated (cold weather-wise), Southern Californian opinion, I wouldn't wear these McCallums in salty/slushy conditions because I don't like the way cordovan deals with slushy/wet conditions.  I had a pair of cordovans that went through rain, salt, and snow one winter, and they were pretty much dead after that, despite my maintenance efforts.  They never really came back smooth after the moisture welted them up.  Assuming you don't like to wear galoshes/overshoes,  I'd guess you want to stick with something that has rubber outsoles, and just try to keep the uppers well-maintained. If you want chukkas for use in bad weather, I'd prefer a pair of calfskin Chepstows (C&J equivalent to the McCallum) instead of the cordovan McCallums, or maybe the Alden Fan chukkas with commando soles.  Or these Loakes with Dainite soles, which cost about 80 GBP w/o VAT--a lot less than the Aldens or C&Js: IMHO, the really nice thing about Dainite soles is that they allow you to get a Goodyear welted shoe, with a stacked heel, that has a rubber outsole for increased skid and water resistance.  But you don't really notice the rubber sole unless you can see the bottom of the shoe.  Take a look at the C&Js, Sargents, or Loakes with Dainite soles--I think they look nicer than some of the AEs with vibram soles, especially for use with suits or dressy slacks.    Like these Loakes, for example: Not that I'm pushing Loakes, these pics just jumped out at me as showing the bottoms of the Dainite soles as well as the side view of the shoe.  And again, out here in LA, foul weather = rain, so I have zero experience with what salt/slush would do to shoes like this.
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I wore mine today with at pair of chocolate brown cords and an orange and white striped button down shirt. Had 3 people oh and aah over the shoes before I even got into work. My admin bought a pair for her husband from Bluefly today - she couldn't wait for a code or anything - had to have them.
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So, are these boots a must have for casual wear? Also, can a Dainite sole be replaced after it wears out? Will these boots last a lifetime if cared for properly?
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So, are these boots a must have for casual wear?   Also, can a Dainite sole be replaced after it wears out?  Will these boots last a lifetime if cared for properly?
I can't say if they're a "must-have", jn3, but they are very nice, and I think that - in addition to casual wear - they make a great business casual-type shoe: I agree with rnm that they work well with the right pants; they don't look right with some of my slimmer-cut chinos and dress pants, but they look great with cuffed dress pants that have a little fuller cut. I also agree with rnm about not wearing them in the slush and slop we get up here in the winter; I won't be wearing them in the winter unless they're covered up by a tall pair of galoshes. As to the sole; my guess would be that they wouldn't be Goodyear-welted if the soles were not meant to be replaceable (for instance, I have a pair of rubber-soled chukkas by Bostonian - I know; they're junk, but they looked cool and they were on clearance for like $65 - the soles on those are obviously glued, so I doubt they'll be replaceable, but they were cheap enough that when the soles are shot, I'll just toss them). And I'd guess the McCallums will last a very long time if cared for; first of all, the uppers are shell cordovan (from everything I've heard, one of the most durable leathers), they appear to be fully lined in calf, they're Goodyear-welted, and the construction/craftsmanship is obviously superior (possibly not up to handgrade standards, but they are C&Js, nonetheless).
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Thanks, JFK. I figured the dainite sole would be replaceable when worn out (though, these soles last nearly forever -- I have a pair of Dainite soles from Banana Republic -- err, shoes with Dainite soles -- and I bet I've worn them a good 300 days with heavy pounding and poor treatment and they still have life in them before the stitching is worn through). If I can get through 2 winters without ruining them in the slush, then I'll be good to go -- I don't figure to be spending more than 2 more years on the east coast. I think I can do that, though inevitably they will get wet at some point, I'd guess. For my dress shoes, I think I may just leave them at my office and wear an old pair of Johnston and Murphys to walk to work when the weather is bad (or maybe even when the weather is good). Maybe that sort of takes some of the glamour of nice shoes -- walking on the street in your poor ones -- but it's probably a good idea overall. A woman at my office does this and her shoes look absolutely pristine.
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