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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

Well its true!

Murl, Six, Justin, Clags (to some extent - they don't visit texas), etc etc

Happy for you to live in your WC bubble, but you're kidding right?
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has there as of yet been any word on what the MTM pricing structure will look like?

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Originally Posted by TheTukker View Post

Happy for you to live in your WC bubble, but you're kidding right?

I don't understand your problem with what I wrote? What I wrote was not incorrect just because you don't live in the central/western part of the US, where those tailors that he mentioned do not visit.

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Never mind, but fairly sure that the contingent of WC people that post on SF is fairly small...
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SF =/ this thread though, which has a relatively small number of people who post in it.

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Is the wish that such folks did travel west what caused the you're kidding post?

While you can't begrudge said tailors for not doing it (cost benefit and what not) I don't think wishing they would is reason for such incredulity.

All things considered, I'd rather a tailor come to my backyard than come out of pocket $500-1000 to travel to NY to achieve the exact same end lol
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No, I think he took issue with my saying 'most'.
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West Coast is the best coast...
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How would people sum up the style of Bntailor? 

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Not British.
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Originally Posted by bienluienapris View Post

For the price :


Current starting price with fabric:
Suit 22000 SEK ~ 1590 GBP
Jacket 17000 SEK ~ 1226 GBP
Trousers 5800 SEK ~ 418 GBP
Coat 24000 SEK ~ 1730 GBP
Polo coat 26500 SEK ~ 1911 GBP


Suit 23.000 SEK 
Sport coat 18.000 SEK 
Trousers 7.000 SEK
Coat 24.000 SEK
Polo coat 27.000 SEK 

These are there current prices as of 13/4/16. Hoping the SEK/GBP appreciates, makes a pretty big difference ..and its been in depn for the last 2m..
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Is this for bespoke/MTM/or something else?

Assuming it's still BnT?
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I got this email


Greetings. This is John Lee/Notice of Appearance. You are receiving this email because you have inquired about the B&Tailor MTM service that is being planned for the U.S. The moving target for the start date (and this email) has finally stopped moving. I am now taking appointments, the first being available for Saturday, April 23rd.  Then, going forward appointments are generally available from Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11AM-7PM. You can visit me at my workspace at 530 7th Avenue (between W38th and W39th), or I will visit you at your office, home, or hotel. Please use this email address for all appointment requests.
As for pricing, which some of you have asked about, please contact me and I will discuss pricing with you, in addition to any other details of our MTM service that we may not have discussed on our prior individual communications.  
Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting all of you. Take care.
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NY gets everything. Damn.

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