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^ because people have to bitch about something.
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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

I want those so bad in the black upper with a white sole, but can't find them on sale anywhere.

The black on black is much nicer IMO. I also liked the black ones from a couple seasons ago with white sole and white toe cap, but not a fan of the recent ones you're talking about.

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Originally Posted by loucifer View Post

I don't get why y'all are up in arms about the mr. porter final sale thing. If you're buying things at 70-80% off, you can pretty easily get your money back (or turn a nice profit depending on the item) selling on gra-led or ebay. 


Not necessarily. At all in fact. Maybe in 4 months if something is a staple that people can't wait to go on sale again but for the most part, thanks to sites like gaaaled people have started to wisen and buy stuff based on the eventual sale price even if it never went on sale in the first place. 


besides, this is kind of BS. I can understand a small retailer doing this but MP dominates half the retail industry and much more now with the yoox buyout. 


Think of it this way. Would you play Yoox Roulette if they said you couldn't return something even if it was 90% off?

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Also, this may not even be a bad thing at all. This will only give physical shops more of my business personally. I go through MP, corner, yoox etc because of the free shipping and returns. People are constantly evolving their styles. You might be into workwear one day and think, 'Well.. I like that Givenchy shirt, maybe its for me and its my size.. I'll try it out because its a good price'. You receive the item and find out its actually 5 times larger than you, is made of some sweater winter fabric when you're buying for summer and then you can't return it. I can understand paying $20-50 to return, but not being able to return a $300 t shirt thats actually considered a sweater is annoying. I have no problem buying throughout the year, but yes, i'll take a bigger chance on products that might not necessarily fit my wardrobe if I can return. 


But I guess these days I should just go to B&M shops and try stuff out and if I really like it, buy it and otherwise wait for sales now. Regardless, they'll have product sitting for years and it'll end up on yoox at twice the retail value. 

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Originally Posted by jlchau View Post

FYI for those going to Salt Optics sample sale.  I mostly looked at the plastic frames but I remember them having the following models:


  • Turley
  • Higdon
  • Hixson
  • Fulcey
  • Ray
  • Zef


They definitely had a pretty good selection.


Prices were $65 for sun and $40 or $45 for optical I believe

lol ppl already flippin on gra

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I'm planning on starting my own webstore with 80% off everything, free shipping and returns. I'll also mark packages as gift for any non-US customers.
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Can you actually open the shop in the UK? Everything I want is from there, and I'd appreciate not having I pay the markups from duties.
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Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots View Post

Barneys Warehouse is FINAL SALE. I've ordered from them many times, had some great deals. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
However one time they sent me a pair of trousers that were marked as a 34 but I recieved a size 32. They collected and gave me a full refund including all original shipping charges.Mr Porter is a reputable company, so I am sure if the item is either damaged or not as described they will refund FINAL SALE, but they won't offer a refund if you don't like the colour or the fit is not quite perfect. Still, when the discount if 70 to 80% there's not a huge risk, you just stick the item on eBay.

Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post

True, I've had two instances when I've returned to Barney's Warehouse. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
In one they sent me a shirt that had stains on it, which I returned for a full refund (last one in stock). In the other, they sent me a shirt that had the stitching undone on one of the pockets, which I exchanged for another one. They paid shipping both ways in both instances and had the warehouse inspect the replacement for the exchange.

This happened to me the other day and I kinda fucked up thinking a shoe was black when in fact it was really dark blue. I emailed just to cancel the order and it wasn't a problem. Granted I cancelled it before it was sent but they were very deferential in the email "we are very sorry for the inconvenience" … "apologies the item was not what you wanted" etc. It was a little weird actually, but hey, good customer service is what will keep you returning as a customer.
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Originally Posted by loucifer View Post

for final sale, dont they usually do extra 40% off whatever the sale is? apparently not this season.  

Barneys Warehouse is always at Final Sale (it is last seasons Barney's stock) .The average discount is around 60%, but occasionally they have an additional discount weekend where there's an extra 40% off the Sale price. These promotions vary, they are usually not across the board but on certain types of products. You just have to wait until what you want gets the extra discount.
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Originally Posted by ambyance View Post

lol ppl already flippin on gra

Multiple people were buying 30-40 pairs in one go. I'd suspect the sale is pretty cleaned out at this point. Luckily I was able to pick up the ones I wanted. 

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Anyone has an idea as to when Ssense sales would end? The thing I'm waiting on is still 50%, yet quite a few other stuff are at 70, not sure if I should pull the trigger or if more stuff will be added to the 70 range.

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Zam Barrett up to 60% off. No code necessary. Most DNA pants in the $200-300 range

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Mr Porter restocks are killing it. Making up for the meh stock when 80% dropped.
They've been adding at least 10 items/hour every hour since yesterday. D&G pebble grained briefcase was available for under 400$ for a minute or two


edit: ...and a bunch of Drakes and Mulberry were just added as I write

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I wonder if they are done releasing the previous seasons items during the 80% sale if they have merged with yoox.

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Originally Posted by DaVinci View Post

I wonder if they are done releasing the previous seasons items during the 80% sale if they have merged with yoox.


They may have just changed from 'all at once' to 'release slowly', easily a couple of hundred restocks in the past 24 hours, around 20 in the past half hour

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