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Hi, first time post here! I'm from Netherlands. Stumbled across this brand Brixtol on tumblr. They have some really awesome jackets, I am particularly interested in their D.W bomber and Drake Duffel. Has anyone hear had any experience with the brand? All the reviews I've read say they stuff is really great quality but i am hesitant in buying stuff online and they have no retailers in Netherlands as they are mainly located in Sweden. 

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They are located in Sweden and England. Most of the stuff is made in England. I think the materials used are quite nice. It was warm and wearable through the winter even here in Scandinavia. My friend has the Duffel and I've tried it on. Fit true to size. Those jackets are not very pricey at all so greatly recommended!
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I just ordered the D.W. Bomber off them, scheduled to arrive in a couple more days. I will post my feedback again when I receive it.


Customer service wise... I've sent them 2 emails regarding shipping details with no response yet for 5 days now.

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