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Narrow shoulders

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Hi I'm new here, but I'm hoping you can answer a question of mine.


I have pretty narrow shoulders, but I have a 38 chest and am 5'7"-5'8. I have a couple of suits and a blazer (38S, 36S, 36R respectively) and the problem with all of the jackets is that the shoulders of the jacket hang about 3/4-1/2 of an inch off of each side. I had one of my jackets taken in at the collar, but it still doesn't fit quite right and I don't want to pay to get the jacket recut either. My colleagues and friends think my stuff fits well, but I know how a suit is really supposed to fit, and it certainly is too wide. Is there anything you would recommend? I am positive my next suit will be a MTM. Thanks in advance!

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Having a tailor shorten the shoulders is just not worth it.  It looks like your only options are:


1. Find a brand/designer/clothing line that makes narrow shoulders.

2. MTM.

3. Go to the gym and start working out your shoulders.


I don't know what else you can do.

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No need to be concerned about a little overhang. Leave as is. 1 inch or less is perfectly acceptable. Welcome to Styleforum to both of you.
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Thank you, you two. I think I will definitely try and get one of my jackets taken in at the neck. My next purchase will definitely be a MTM though, I just fear it wont even be worth the 400-600 dollars!

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I like snug shoulders and it's a pain to find suiting. It's simply safer for companies to err on the wide side than the narrow side in terms of shoulders. The same problem exists with shirts. It's not just slim guys, I see bigger fellas wearing shirts where the shoulder seam is halfway down their upper arm. You either have to go MTM, or you just try on a lot of stuff and once in a while find something that works. Jackets that are billed "slim fit" usually have narrower shoulders, that's one thing you can look for.
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