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The Tech killer won an auction for a Harry Potter book... and he also won an auction for a giant rubber duck: and some smaller baby ducks: wonder why he needed all those?
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i google Blazer5505 to no avail, except for one report... how did they figure out this particular ID was his?
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Not sure... I read about it here: maybe they found some info on his computer.... He was kind of active on eBay - having sold several books, CDs, and a Texas Instruments calculator — a T1-83 that was loaded with games. Additionally, he sold 2006 Peach Bowl tickets for $182.50. The football game in Atlanta was a matchup between Virginia Tech and the University of Georgia.
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Did anyone else wonder why the killer might have purchased all those toy baby ducks? Remember those games at carnivals... where you had to... oh, nevermind. I don't even want to think about it!
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Obviously, judging by the title, he wanted to have Fun! Rubber Ducks.
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Originally Posted by matadorpoeta View Post
i do care about people's feelings and thoughts. i do, however, care about objective truth more than people's opinions.

I call bullshit on that. Nobody has suggested that you say anything that's not "objectively true".
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Looks like he tried to do the deed.

I'm betting he died a virgin.
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So, does anyone want to meet a single with an STD?
Check the google ad for Cho.
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