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As far as "wasting a sales associate's time," bear in mind that a lot of the SA's time is spent just standing around. I did work one summer selling menswear, so I have a little experience in this matter, even if it was almost 54 years ago!

I don't think browsing around and chatting with an SA is reprehensible if you do it at a "slow time" when very few people are in the store. If an SA devotes a fair amount of time assisting you, I think it is gracious to make at least a minor purchase--necktie, pocket square, something like that. When I have been trying on shoes to check lasts, I always buy some polish, spare laces or such to compensate the SA somewhat for his trouble.

As to the guy who said that his Ferragamos started falling apart in three weeks, that sure hasn't been my experience. I have three pairs of Ferragamos. Two pairs were purchased in 2000, one in 2003. All of them seem about as good as new. (Admittedly, I have a pretty large shoe rotation.)