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are these Derbys versatile?

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It would be this model in burgundy (I think these pictures are dark brown).. do they work with chinos (j crew/brooks)... british tan, khaki, navy? what about a suit—gray and navy? thanks






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There seems to be a trend of people asking about shoe versatility when the answer is No. Those are blucher yet high-shine and high-shine yet split-toe. In other words, a strange mix of formal and rather casual. Probably too formal for chinos and not formal enough for many suit-wearing situations.
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Generally speaking, the less detail something has, the more versatile it can be. Look for something with fewer design details.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the shoe itself and the thickness of the sole. Again, generally speaking, a sleeker last with a thinner sole will look dressier — where a clunkier last and thicker sole can appear more casual.

Here are two models I looked up utilizing the Herring site just because it was handy. The first one is a Church derby with a rounder toe and a thicker sole. The second is a sleeker Herring with a thin sole.

The lack of what could be deemed extraneous detail makes them easier to imagine in more situations.
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Nice shoes - but no shoe is going to work with all things.

For me these work with chinos to dress trousers, with or without jacket. No to denim (unless it's denim with odd jacket). No to suits.
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