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Dual Commission: Lee Baron VS Y William Yu

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Hi all! Happy Holidays!

It's been a while since my last posting.
I've recently commissioned 1 suit with Lee Baron & another with Y William Yu.

Thought it'll be good to share their recent work here & get some advise from you Gurus.
Here goes:

Lee Baron:

I've just completed my basted fitting with Peter. It's a JJ Minnis Fresco, Navy Pinstripe for a summer suit suitable for the scorching Australian weather. The suit will be 2 buttoned & half lined, with High notch lapel & slanted pockets. The jacket will come with 2 trousers (one with side adjuster, the other with belt loops). Here's a pic of the first fitting:

All looks fine for now except for the button stance that is a little too high for my liking. Have asked Peter to lower it for a more elongated silhouette. Any thoughts?

Y William Yu:

It wasn't my original intention to engage with them for a CMT since I have never purchased anything there. (Not a very good idea isn't it, since I don't know how their handcraft will work for me)

I Just don't know what got into me that day & I decided to go with them, entrusting them with my Scabal Eton s130 Dark Blue fabric for my 2nd suit.

Andy was really friendly, taking my measurements and measured my best fitted suit. He explained to me the process and asked about my preference. After looking though pics that I've emailed him, he seemed to have got the picture and told me to return next week for my basted fitting. Will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Happy 2013!!!
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Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here's a preview of Lee Baron & Y William Yu's work. Will post more when I've edited the rest!

Lee Baron 2nd Fitting:

Y William Yu 1st Fitting:

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The Y William Yu looks very promising. I hope both suits goes well.
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Very interesting, thanks. It will be good to see a full set of photographs of the finished suits from each of these. Can you include front and rear with and without the jackets please to see how the trousers fit (especially interesting with both side adjusters and belt loops to compare) also the inside of the coats to show the detail of his finishing which is so often also neglected.

The comparative fit of each type of trouser will also be very interesting,
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Y William Yu's work looks on par with Savile Row. The construction of the baste is first rate. The way the baste is made up is what you would expect from a tailor on the Row. Could I ask on the cost of his CMT?

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Did you ask Baron for a full canvas garment? If you contrast it to the William Yu lapels, you can see the canvas.The grey area of the lapel looks like fusing to me (unless he used a grey canvas, but I have only seem black or cream canvas myself). William Yu's construction is default full canvas. Baron you have to ask and pay extra.

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Hi all!

The first week of 2013 has been really busy! Managed to squeeze some time do some quick editing. Hmm...I admit, my editing skills sucks!
Here goes.

Lee Baron 2nd Fitting:

Back View

Side Right

Side Left

Didn't get too many pics taken @ Lee Baron because there's just too many people!!!
I requested Peter for a full canvass (Yes, paid extra). The canvass is black. Think it's used to mitigate the see thru' issue due to Fresco's translucent characteristic under direct sunlight.......Hmm....Correct me if I'm wrong.........

Y William Yu 1st Fitting

Front View

Back View

Side Right

Side Left

Close Up


Will be heading for my subsequent fittings next week. Fingers Crossed!

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Thank you for sharing more pictures.  Both looking good, especially the William Yu. The front of the jacket looks great. I prefer the shoulders on the William Yu as they are more natural and Savile Row like; you appear to have broad shoulders so this suits you better. What is your ready to wear size? You look fairly well built; the William Yu is a little snug in the back but this is obvious and would have marked the jacket. They have picked up your left shoulder (as shown by the pins). Its nice to see the internal structure of the William Yu. The canvas has some cream cotton domette sewn in over the chest, partly by hand and party by machine (black zig zag stitches). The white fabric covering the bottom of the canvas is some stabilising material, its quite common to use this where the fabric is very light weight.   

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Did you specify a certain type of cut at Y William Yu, or is this essentially their "house cut". Appears to be quite british in nature - would you agree?
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The WIlliam Yu looks very good.
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Did these ever progress beyond this point?
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Yes GBR! All went well but didn't had time to take some decent pics since I started my new role.
Will post some real soon. Thanks for the patience !
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