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For sale thread?

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Hey all, I just wanted to propose a new HOF thread idea and see what the opinions of the other members are. I think that something that would be a useful service to the forum members would be a thread dedicated to the sale of clothing. I know that there have been a few various topics similar to this (the great deal on Vass shoes and the Dunhill shirts), but this could be a more perminant thing. It would be a good alternative to ebay (no fees) but would have to rely on the trust of the forum members. Any thoughts/comments, please reply. I have 2 Zegna shirts I want to sell, one I bought new online but never wore (doesn't fit me right) and the other is pre-worn but in excellent condition. The new one is creamy white with thin blue vertical stripes and the other is a shimmery light blue with a great texture and French cuffs. 17.5, 34-35 and 17.5, 36
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VersaceMan, Thanks for the offer. I have no idea what size I wear, lol. All my current dress shirts are from Structure or Banana Republic, both of which size by S, M, L, ect. I'll try on some shirts and figure out what size I am and get back to you. My email is Eric
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Thanks for the reply, Eric. I didn't mean to come across as soliciting, or try to use the forum for comercial purposes. I just thought it would be a useful service for the members. Eric, the shirts are tagged a size 'Large' in addition to the numerical measurements. The stated size is 17.5 but they fit more like a 17. My problem is that I take a 16.5 or 17" neck, but I only have a 31" waist so dress shirts are always very baggy on me. I can post pictures if you are interested. However, I would have to wait until monday since the pictures are on my computer up at school. -Eric
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I think this would be a very useful service, whether it is a thread or a separate page, akin to what the watch-related web sites do. I have a bunch of really awesome items that I may be selling on e-bay (brand new Kiton, Barbera Sartoriale, SaintAndrews, Lauren Purple Label, Belvest, etc.), and I assume the participants on this site would find them interesting, but I don't want to violate the non-commercial aspects of the site.
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I think as long as the members who choose to participate in buying/selling remain active users on the forum (instead of use the site for the only purpose of buying/selling), then there wouldn't be any problems. Shoefan, what watch sites were you speaking of?
post #6 of 41 has a "trading post" page to post items for sale and wanted-to-buy has a "sales corner" within its "community" section for the same purpose. Both of these sites have a level of detail, contributor expertise, and participation that are impressive.
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Great idea for a post topic. I'm looking to sell a Canali Proposta suit, size 40R American. Three button, no vents, Three piece (high button vest), in brown twill. The trouser waist is narrow, about 30-31"; I'd let it go for $100. Superb condition.
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This idea has come up several times before. The last I heard about it, Steve B. was going to talk to the mysterious "J." who owns the board to get his or her opinion on the matter. I may also remember hearing that this feature might end up on Steve B.'s site instead of here on The Style Forum. Either way, I do remember Steve B. saying that it would be likely that sellers would have to pay for the privilege to advertise. Perhaps they are still trying to sort that all out. Steve?
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I like the idea too. And I wouldn't mind spending a bit for the right to mention some of my nicer items on the forum. And I'm guessing I'd buy a lot too. I spoke to Steve about this not too long back. He is working on it but his hands are tied until he can speak to J about it.
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Well- my hands aren't THAT tied. We could do a HOF thread, but I'd prefer to add a separate category to the six we have now. This would allow for more expansion and separate subcategories (e.g. shoes, tailored clothing, jewelry/cuff links) as I think it would be a very popular category... How about I e-mail J again, and the we just start the HOF in a couple of days if I don't hear back?
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Fair enough idea, but I'd suggest taking some of the other HOFs off before putting a new one up. Some of those haven't been updated in a while, and they are cluttering up the top of the forum.
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I love the idea of having a sales thread. I do not have anything to post but it would save someone such as myself a great deal of time in terms of not having to search the net for certain items. By the way, if anyone has any suits in a 42 long or any winter jackets in a similar size, please do post.
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I would also like to alert you all looking to sell that I may be interested in suits in size (elusive 38L) and 40R American, with slacks W31-32 L32. It would be much appreciated. Thanks. Eric
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I feel the idea is a good one. However, there has to be some way to "update" and keep the "ads" current. In the current format (in the form of threads) things could get rather confusing. After a while the topic would get very long, as there will be no way of determining if an item is still in inventory, sold or in the process. (For instance, how would I know that the shirts being sold on page 1 are still available?) Yes I could email every single person individually, but it might be a good idea to know this without/before inquiring further. I guess one could simply do a search in the "For Sale" category, but often times I am just perusing around looking for nothing in particular, willing to buy if something nice became available. That's the only concern that comes to mind. I would trust someone here 100-times more than someone on ebay.
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However, there has to be some way to "update" and keep the "ads" current.
The watch sites do this by having the listings automatically expire after 7 days; further, each listing is a separate thread, to which the seller can add "SOLD" when the item is no longer available.  If an item is not sold after 7 days, then the seller can relist it.  A simple search function can also help an interested party look for  items based on listed size, color, or maker (assuming the seller provides this information in the listing).  While not being a programmer, it would seem this should not be too difficult; certainly, other sites have done it, and they don't charge anything.  That being said, the watch sites do have a much higher level of overall activity and participation than this site.
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