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i tried posting this in the Career forum, to no avail. Hopefully the double post is okay.

A new shop is opening up at the beginning of next month in Brooklyn, NY and I'm hoping to find a couple of sales associates/do-it-allers who are looking for an opportunity.

The store is going to have a strong brand selection, be extremely customer service oriented and I'm looking for people with special skills and attention to things like product knowledge and service.

Brands carried include but are not limited to:

Post O'alls.
Engineered Garments
Stanley and Sons
Mister Freedom
SNS Herring

Experience is only so necessary, I'm really looking for people with passion for product, style and most of all service. I want to stress that anyone interested send me their resume, as this is a big opportunity within the sector and also very special.

my email is

besides resume, i'd like a quick paragraph explaining what you're all about, and what skills you might bring to the table. it's a plus if you're familiar with brands of the same vein listed above, but anyone is welcome to respond.

I'm not positive this is allowed, but not sure why it wouldn't be, if not, sorry Mods, feel free to delete.