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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

The history of college football is also littered with examples of teams everyone thought was unbeatable losing in the national championship game.

Can you give an example of a great offensive team beating a great defensive team? Because I can give you plenty of examples of the reverse.
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Wow, the Canes are coming out of the gate firing today.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Wow, the Canes are coming out of the gate firing today.
Good start for them.
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post

Good start for them.

and, true to form, they throw it right out the window.
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Dammit Georgia, in a close game with Kentucky of all things? Come on.
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Eh, this Geno Smith guy is supposed to be the best quarterback in the country?
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Can you give an example of a great offensive team beating a great defensive team? Because I can give you plenty of examples of the reverse.

The Patriots beating the Ravens last year and anytime the 49ers lose.
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

The Patriots beating the Ravens last year and anytime the 49ers lose.
So a great offense beating an aging defense, and a great offense losing to some unknown opponent that could be equally skilled on defense? Good comparison!
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Originally Posted by Reynard369 View Post

So a great offense beating an aging defense, and a great offense losing to some unknown opponent that could be equally skilled on defense? Good comparison!

In the NFL, nonetheless.
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Instead of the usual weekly apology during football season, the ACC actually suspended some people. What a fucking joke of a conference.


Edited for brevity:
ACC suspends officials
October, 22, 2012
OCT 22
By Andrea Adelson | ESPN.com
The ACC announced a series of suspensions Monday:
t. In addition, head linesman Tyrone Davis and side judge Angie Bartis have been suspended one game for missing the call.

The entire officiating crew in the Florida State-Miami game will receive letters of reprimand, while crew chief and referee David Epperley has been suspended for one game for failure to properly administer the 10-second runoff rule at the end of the first half.

As for the crew working the Florida State-Miami game, they announced the half had ended after a Florida State penalty because of the 10-second runoff rule. Miami started running into the locker room before the officials realized they had made a mistake because Florida State had a timeout remaining.

"They were running off the field, and I screamed at him that I had a time out and they can't take [the 10 seconds] off," Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday during his weekly press conference. "That's why I saved the timeout for penalty situations like that. You can do that. That's a rule. Finally, they had to bring them back."

There also were three questionable offensive pass interference calls against Florida State made in that game, but the ACC made no mention of those in its release.

The three offensive pass interference calls are the only offensive pass interference calls made in the ACC this season. Against any team.

And I hate to sound like a homer, but FSU is the most penalized every year. There's no way they sit down the officials every year and say "penalize FSU the most", and we've certainly deserved it some years, but we play at a disadvantage in every ACC reffed game.

This is just from last season:

ACC reverses field after intense criticism: Bradham hit was legal

ACC admits referee moved ball in Wake Forest-Florida State game

Chuckoliver.net ACC Writers Call for Change to League’s Officiating
November 15, 2011 | 2:26 PM Comments: Comments Off
By Ingram Smith
By Ingram Smith, Senior Writer:
It's been a historically poor year for the ACC officials.
I will focus on the games in which Florida State has played this year, although by no means does Florida State have a monopoly on being subjected to the incompetence of the ACC officials in 2011.
It is heavily rumored that the ACC privately apologized to Florida State after the Clemson contest for what they called an all-time poor performance from the crew that worked that game. I will be honest, I have watched that game numerous times now and while there are some questionable calls, there is nothing in that game that really stood out to me as egregious. Florida State was on the road in the one of the conference's best atmospheres - you dont expect to get every call and if anything you can not be surprised when a call or two goes against you.
Florida State then played Wake Forest in a game in which an official is caught on tape moving the ball while the crew brought out the chains for an official measurement. The official appears to move the ball at a greater speed once he realizes the measurement will be short. How this official was not fired the day after the game and allowed to represent the league again is unknown to me. The Wake Forest game also featured a very questionable holding call on FSU center Bryan Stork after Florida State picked up a crucial 3rd-and-long on a play in which Stork was not actively engaged with a Wake Forest defensive lineman. The ACC would later publicly apologise to Florida State for the official moving the ball during the measurement.
The Florida State - NC State game featured a punt return by Greg Reid that was returned for a touchdown. The return was later negated by members of the ACC crew who claimed that the play had been rendered dead by Reid when he pointed to the ball while it was bouncing on the ground before he began the return. There is no rule that declares the ball dead if the returner points to the ball while it is on the ground. The ACC would later apologise to Florida State for a misinterpretation of a rule.
All of the frustration that FSU fans had with the ACC officials came to a boil this past weekend in the FSU-Miami game. A game which featured an ejection of a player on a legal hit, the overturn of a touchdown on a fumble return when it appeared there was no evidence to support overturning what was called on the field and a kickoff return for a touchdown that was called back after a questionable holding call. While all three calls were questionable at best, they were overshadowed by how poorly the game was managed by the officials. The game featured eight reviews, three reviews lasted more than four minutes and one play was reviewed twice. An FSU-Miami game historically has never been a beautiful thing to watch, but this game was only made worse by the lack of a natural flow of a game that never came to fruition by the excessive amounts of reviews.
Again, this is not to claim that FSU is the only school that has been subject to the questionable calls of the officials of the Atlantic Coast Conference. However, it is worth noting that FSU has now played seven conferences games in 2011 and in more than half of their games, the conference has felt the need to reach out to one of its institutions and explain its own officials inability to properly manage a game. This issue is much larger than Florida State. It is about the ACC's brand. The ACC obviously wants to be a major player in the college football scene. In my opinion that will never occur until they take a long and hard look at how they handle the issue of officiating a game.
By Adam Tolliver, Florida State contributor:
Few things are more hilarious than watching someone completely validate the outlandish jokes made at their expense on a week to week basis. The ACC refs are the most perfect example. In seemingly every ACC contest, there is some type of review call that takes five to seven minutes of real time to sort out or some egregiously blown call that leads to ACC Director of Officials Doug Rhoads having to explain away with some type of nonsense excuse. Referees are only human, that much is understood--but there is an extreme difference between an occasional mistake and the all-out consistently blatant ineptitude of ACC officials.
These calls continue to taint the competition in ACC play and completely change the complexion of entire games. This past weekend's game between Florida State and Miami is but one of numerous examples, but to spend a total of four full minutes reviewing a play, only to overturn it is absolutely ridiculous. As we are all aware, there has to be indisputable evidence in order for you to overturn an initial call made on the field. So I ask you, if you're spending four minutes looking at a play and can't figure it out, what the hell could you possibly be doing in your head besides disputing the evidence?! In this particular case, Miami's Allen Hurns catches a pass, tucks the ball and makes a turn up the field, but is hit and fumbles the ball. Florida State recovers the ball and runs it in for a touchdown. In this situation, the only thing officials need to be reviewing is whether or not the pass was incomplete. It doesn't take four full minutes to figure out. The result of said review and play? Taking 7 points off the board and killing the type of momentum that a home team absolutely dreams of in a rivalry game.

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Ack! Marcus Lattimore (spelling?) just wrecked his knee. Really turns my stomach, I feel bad for him.
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Yeah that did not look good at all. Could be a broken leg if he is lucky, but looked more like his knee just got destroyed.
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Yikes. That's a nasty injury. I hate to see him get hurt like that again after the ACL last year. He's so talented, and he managed to get back to form this season; I hope he can do it again.
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