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Well, I WAS a lot more into it, but I settled down and found a regimen that works. Now I'm more utilitarian about the whole process.

Now, with a DE razor you can go with one and use it happily for the rest of your life, provided you keep a supply of fresh blades. With a straight, you kind of wind up with a herd as you experiment with different grinds and steels - and then you always want a sharp backup at the ready in case the one you pulled gets dull. So, you should have at least two, but sets of 7 (one for each day of the week) were popular for a while. But I digress. Anyway, the herd has bigger razors and smaller razors, thicker and thinner grinds, curved and flat profiles, they're all different.

Yeah, the straight was scary for a short while - my hand shook the first few times I tried to use it. After a few days my hand stopped shaking, after a few weeks I learned to switch hands, and after a month (30 days, actually) I finally got a clean no-cuts-anywhere shave. They're not THAT safe, but as long as you don't drag the razor in a slicing motion, you won't get into big trouble.

Brushes: I have an Edwin Jagger brush I got on closeout a few years ago, it's fantastic.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Not necessarily. I just never get a smooth, bump free shave with them. Tried them several times. I always end up with one problem or another.
my razor:

Oh yep, a very popular razor.
Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

Thomas, you and Clarksdb seem a lot more into it then I am. Didn't even realize razor/shaving AD was a thing. smile.gif
I have one safety razor that I got off Amazon. Forget the specific model, but it's a Merkur. Works well for me, but the damn thing is starting to get tarnished. Need to figure out the best way to clean it up and make it look nice again. My brush is kind of pathetic. It's a small one I got in a sample pack from Art of Shaving and I would like to find a larger one of higher quality at some point soon. Recommendations here would be appreciated.
In terms of soaps, I have been trying a few different brands. Nothing has blown me away and I am interested to try out the one Thomas recommended next. Was using pre-shave oil for a while, but got out of it. Honestly, never noticed a huge difference with the stuff.
Thomas, you use a straight razor? That shit scares me. I know people say they are safe, but I just have this mental image of sneezing while shaving and cutting my throat open. shog[1].gif

Might be a Merkur HD. That is what I started off with too. I have a black beard though so I eventually needed something more aggressive and hence went with the Muhle R41. This razor is a beast. People who use straights say it is the closest to a straight in a safety razor. After shaving with it you remove whiskers you didn't even know existed. It's considered the most aggressive safety razor but don't let that scare you. I like to think of it as being effective. I can get a close shave in 3 passes now instead of 4. It's only $29 I think as well from (a vendor from Badger and Blade) and if it doesn't work out they sell like hot cakes on Badger and Blade. I bought an extra and sold it couple weeks back. Got 5 offers in the first 10 minutes.

Yeah I never use preshave stuff.

What soaps have you used? Perhaps I can give you recommendations based on that as you haven't really been satisfied with any so far.
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Honestly, I don't remember all the brand names off the top of my head. I know when I first started out I was using Conk Bay Rum, but it never impressed me. Also had some cream that came in a tube an ex gave me from Bath & Body that wasn't bad. Nothing too fancy. When I get home I can find out what I am using right now. Seems nice enough. Was wanting to experiment with some other soaps.

Is this brand any good? They have some soaps and creams for sale today.

Yes, I think mine is the HD. Works well. Might be open to something more aggressive, as long as i'm not going to cut my face up with it. laugh.gif
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javyn loves TOBS Avocado, I've never tried it. I tried a Trumpers' cream that was really nice, and I have a Truefitt soap that's really good, and iirc Taylor is kind of the cheaper cousin that's just about as well-liked.

$25 for two tubs of cream, free shipping, is not a bad price at all, and $25 for the lavender soap refills is a good deal. You can either press the soap into a bowl or mill it into the container of your choice.

iirc, more aggressive = more scrapey. I have an HD that I used and loved before throwing caution to the wind and risking my life every morning.
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Went ahead and ordered the TOBS Avocado. Hopefully I like the sent. Did some reading of reviews and most said it;s a good performer, but feelings on the small were slightly mixed. Guess that personal preference.
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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

Went ahead and ordered the TOBS Avocado. Hopefully I like the sent. Did some reading of reviews and most said it;s a good performer, but feelings on the small were slightly mixed. Guess that personal preference.

I've used it. Ordered the tub when I first got started. It smells like intense cucumbers. I liked the scent and the performance was pretty good. The best thing about it was it felt very moisturizing. Compared to the others you've used I think you should like it if you find the scent to be okay. Conk is considered like a beginner's soap (I skipped it) and the other one you used is probably Bigelow which is decent but it is like the Chevy of creams. There are better.

I just used Castle Forbes Lime today for the first time and I think it's the best cream I've ever used.
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Sierra Trading Post has some Taylor's stuff, with coupon codes it gets real cheap. I find any glycerin-based cream works equally well, although I'm just using a Mach 3. I've seen some eShave and Caswell-Massey at TJ Maxx not long ago.
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Got the TOBS Avocado in today. Won't know how I feel about it for sure till I shave, but I do find the smell pleasing. I have mostly using soaps, so it will be interesting to go back to a cream for a while. Notice they don't seem to last nearly as long, but perhaps I end up using too much.
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So far i'm loving the stuff. The scent is refreshing for an early morning and I am getting a great lather out of it. You can really feel how well it moisturizes your face too. Happy enough that I may buy more once I am out.
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Nice to hear! I personally didn't mind the scent either.
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Originally Posted by clarksdb View Post

Nice to hear! I personally didn't mind the scent either.

It's refreshing, but it would be nice if they could make a formula that contains the same benefits from the avocado oil with a more masculine scent to it. Might be worth looking around for even if I am happy with this for now. smile.gif
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