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Dark brown brogues under $300

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Hey guys - first post here at  I've been around a few times just to read some posts here and there so I finally decided to make a profile.  I'm a young professional/student so my collections are still in the growing process.  Anyways, I do have a question regarding Grenson and dark brown brogues.  I treated myself to a pair of walnut calfskin Strands from AE a few months ago and I am absolutely in love with them.  They feel great and I get compliments on them all the time.  But what I love most is that I can wear them with a light grey suit or with a pair of dark jeans.  I'm now looking for a dark brown pair with similar versatility.  Since I am on a budget, spending much more than ~300 isn't a possibility at this point.  I was looking at the Tyler's from Grenson in burnt pine that I could pick up for around $250.  Since I don't have a whole lot of financial flexibility, is this a good shoe to start with?  Would it be at all comparable to my AEs in quality?  Further - does anybody know quite how the sizing would translate?  I wear a US 12 in athletic shoes, though 11.5 D fits me very well in AE and leaves me with just a bit of room to work with in the toe, even.  I've heard some people call Grenson into question for different reasons.  If the Tyler isn't a good choice, any other recommendations for a similar shoe at a similar price?

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Loake makes good affordable shoes. Their L1 line offers well crafted affordable goodyear welted shoes, made in India. Basically what the chinese are to italian suits, are the indians to british shoes.


also here:

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allen edmonds shoe bank will get you whatever you want well under 300.

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I've heard some brilliant reviews of these - come in well under budget.


I've heard the quality etc is all pretty good for the price.


Although if I were to be honest I'd really recommend having a look at Tricker's factory store on eBay at

(Sorry huge link)


This is Tricker's sale shop for shoes that didn't make quality control and I've heard that there are no discernible or noticeable issues with the shoes at all. Their stuff there changes all the time and it isn't constant so you'd need to keep checking regularly. It's out of your stated budget but its pretty cheap as Tricker's go and they make shoes for the long haul so you'd make your money back over the Florsheim's if you saved up a little.


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