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Poll Results: Do you wear an undershirt?

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This thread seems to start every few months. I remember searching some similar question and finding about a dozen of these threads. Every time, each side gets entrenched and calls the other side a bunch of disgusting slobs. I have no idea why some people care so much about why other people wear or don't wear undershirts.

Personally, I do wear them, in summer because I live in DC and 20 seconds outside is enough to get you sweating. In winter because they're warmer, I'll still sweat some especially if wearing a coat on my way to work, and having worn them for a while I just feel more comfortable in them. To some extent, to prevent chest hair from showing through thinner or lighter shirts. I wear light gray undershirts to prevent the shirts themselves from being seen.
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Yes and no.
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noobs, I don't wear shirts at all to work. ya'll are just too fatty or you could pull this look off as well
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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post

have to agree with pebblegrain, undershirt wearing is a fairly uncouth, tacky practice better reserved for plumbers than men in the business world. Unless you have a terrible problem with underarm sweat, don't do it. The business suit (was) intended to be a functional ensemble... adding another unnecessary layer like an undershirt to keep the 'dress shirt' clean is about as artificial and impractical as low armholes, button-down collars, or excessive shoulder padding. I proudly show my nipples.

That's a pretty extreme view. Undershirt is really a preference issue and wearing one will depend on each individual's body chemistry, location, physical activity, and preference.
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I agree that a crewneck with a unbuttoned top button can look tacky. But that's why there are v-necks nod[1].gif
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I'll wear an under armour undershirt on really hot days if I am wearing a shirt that I know shows sweat easily.

I prefer to go without them as they just bunch up and are annoying.
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I dont usually wear one, the only times I have though are on hot summer days when I would rather not have wet spots on my nice shirt... I will usually button up all the way though and throw a tie on so its less likley to see that I have it on.

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If you wear one with a reasonably deep V, there's pretty much no chance of it showing unless you want it to.
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V-necker here, not shy about showing off a little chest.  In my office, I'm close to the vent but fairly far from the thermostat so its usually cool-cold where I'm at.  An undershirt is usually enough to lave me warm enough to not require a sweater or jacket on warm days where I'd get too hot anywhere but my desk, and an added layer for warmth when it is actually a cooler day.  The benefit of reduced staining on my dress shirts due to sweat/oil/deodorant is also a bonus.

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Those that disdain undershirts should try going to work at 8:00 AM in New York City on the Subway in a wool suit in July. Your shirt will be drenched by the time you get to the office.

I keep 6 crew neck and 6 v neck undershirts in rotation. I generally don't wear them in the fall and spring, but I will wear them in the summer during peak humidity and during the winter to add an extra layer. I generally don't wear undershirts with casual wear (polo shirts, button up shirts, etc). I also generally don't wear an undershirt when I am wearing a sweater, (such as today).

Undershirts, like any garment, have utility in a variety of circumstances. Not sure why there is such snark on both sides
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Originally Posted by Doctor View Post

I'd like to see some of the more smug contributors to this thread come and spend time in a tropical climate, wearing business clothes each day.

Brisbane is the Arctic compared to Phnom Penh, where I still refused to wear undershirts. Perhaps I should wear an 18th century neckcloth under my shirt's collar so the collar band wont get sweat or sunscreen stains? :

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I would agree that wearing a visible crew neck undershirt is horribly, horribly tacky. But if you are talking about a non-visible garment worn for whatever reason (comfort, perceived cleanliness, etc)...why on earth would you care or take the time to form an opinion?
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Originally Posted by pebblegrain View Post

They think they are Don Draper

That's reason enough for me! Seriously, though, I don't wear them anymore. I used to wear them under light colored shirts, but since getting better quality (and thicker) shirts, I don't seem to have the "nipples showing though" problem anymore. I do wear them in the winter under a flannel, but very rarely under a dress shirt. I don't need/want the extra bulk and I use deodorant instead of antiperspirant. (a chemical in antiperspirant is what actually causes the yellow pit stains)

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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

In the course of normal office work, if you are fit and shower every morning, you should never sweat to the extent of staining your shirts! 

I rarely wear undershirts, but I am more concerned with questioning your theory...

I am a pretty fit guy. I run anywhere between 60 - 100 miles per week and lift three days a week. I can rub sub 2:30 in the marathon and have a mile PR of 4:14. I'd be hard pressed to break 4:45 today, but I digress...

My point is that I feel like I sweat MORE when I am in better shape. I feel like when I am working out more, my body is very efficient and switches to cooling mode much more rapidly. I have had this discussion with running friends and they have found the same. I also live in the South, so that has a lot to do with it.

The only time I wear an undershirt is if it is the dead of summer, I have a meeting with someone, will be wearing a tie and know that I will be sweating. I do this because one time I was up in Washington DC meeting with a client. I was wearing a suit and it must have been 110 degrees and humid. I was fine for the morning, but after lunch things got ugly. Our cab had no AC and we jumped out at the wrong end of the block... after hurrying through security and making our way up to my client's office, I was already sweating. I ran into the bathroom to wipe off my brow and cool off a bit. I took off my jacket and realized that I had huge sweat stains all over my shirt. Walking into the meeting, this made me very self conscious and affected my confidence. Since then, I have worn undershirts to meetings if it is over 75 degrees outside.

I should also add that I do not wear deodorant or antiperspirant. Say what you will about that...
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I always wear undershirts, albeit I try not to show them (v-necks are great at that). T type undershirts, as the tank ones leave armpits at their (dangerous) own free will.
I wear them for two reasons. They feel comfortable (kindergarten issue n.1); sort of detachable shirt lining. And they help keeping shirt in place (shepherd dog issue n.2).
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