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J&M Handmades

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After getting some help on posting pics from Doc, Gladhatter, and rnoldh, I think I've gotten the hang of it . . . so here they are, after a recent cleaning, polishing and some re-heeling . . . hope you guys like!

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More Pics . . .

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It looks quite lovely, but you should really bare your soles to us!
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Originally Posted by Earthmover
It looks quite lovely, but you should really bare your soles to us!

egads! Sorry, wasn't thinking, I'll need to take more pics - - the shovel sole black wingtips are lightly worn, as are the light brown wingtips. The dark-brown wingtips are unworn.
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Would be particularly interesting to see those shovel-soles.
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I must have done something wrong, I would have liked to have the link open up to a larger photo . . . sorry guys . . . sole photos coming this weekend
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Where did you get these? I have some brown wings but would kill for the other styles. The shovel soles of the black ones are gorgeous, and there's a captoe one too. About a year ago, I had a bead on a shovel-sole pair on eBay. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to bid , and they went for far less than I was willing to pay.
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I'm buying. Who's selling ?

P.S. Could you take bigger pics
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you probably have the box checked on imageshack to shrink the image size. I would love to see full-res
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I like the dark brown wing tips.
I visit the J&M store weekly and they are making less and less quality shoes.
Instead they are full to the wall with disposable shoes.
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Are these current models? I thought J&M stopped making hand made shoes years ago.
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I picked up the dark brown pair some time ago from our resident Mr. Pollock down in Atlanta. He mentioned that he might be looking to unload an extra pair or two and I think I was the first person to respond. I recently purchased 3 pair on ebay, two of which were the black shovel soles and the light brown wingtips. I would describe them as lightly used, with literally no wear on the aristocraft/handmade design on the inside. The shovel soles came in the original box, with original J&M shoe trees and shoe bags. The other pairs were without boxes, but also had original J&M shoe trees and shoe bags.

The 3rd pair, black wingtips (no shovel sole), showed considerably more wear. I'm considering sending to J&M in Nashville for refurbishment, but there are portions on the back heel of one shoe where the leather is worn out. I'm not sure if they can do anything with this, so I guess I'm reluctant to send the shoes out there. There refurbishment form does list replacement of handmade soles and heels for $250.00. But I don't think they sell them anymore. I understand Bennies still has some around in random small narrow sizes.

All in all, I paid about $130 for the 3 pairs. The shovel soles went for about $75, and the light brown wingtips and black wingtips were about $20 each. I'm not complaining. I actually posted the auctions on the thrifting thread a few weeks ago.
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I've edited the original posts and replaced the original links with the same photos at higher resolution. And added an exlusive shot of the sole, the demand was extraordinary! Enjoy!
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