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Polo-collar shirts

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Hi, I sense that polo-collar shirts are rarely discussed. I wear them for casual occassions. I seem to prefer the pique fabric type with banded sleeves, in solid navy. I get very annoyed when the collar isn't right. So... (1) Do people think wearing polo shirts with jeans/chinos is consistent with a stylish person (on casual ocassions)? (2) What colors/styles are most desirable? (3) What brands are recommended; under $50, and under $100? Thanks for sharing.
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(1) Do people think wearing polo shirts with jeans/chinos is consistent with a stylish person (on casual ocassions)? (2) What colors/styles are most desirable? (3) What brands are recommended; under $50, and under $100? Thanks for sharing.
1) Chinos, No. It's too much like that geek chic look; think Bill Gates at the height of the dot-com bubble. With jeans, it can be very fashionable. I like the contrasting look of a pink polo with my trashed Diesel jeans. Nothing can be worse than a polo tucked into shorts (If you're over 50 then it's OK). 2) Ummm... whatever colors is fine. I stick to a slim fit however. 3) My favorite is the regular RL polos. Lacoste is cool too, but thier collars aren't as good.
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(1)  Absolutely.  It's a great look: casual yet sharp. (2)(3)  Bright colors are very appealing to me for spring/summer.  I wear most colors with the exceptions of bright oranges and reds (they don't complement my complexion).  I tend to prefer lisle to pique, and find that for between $50 and $60 many decent brands such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers can be had.  I'm sure that these quality brands can be had for under $50 if you use ebay or shop the sales. I have been meaning to try genuine Sea Island Polo shirts from Carstarphen,  but haven't yet done so. The price of $125 for a 100% genuine Sea Island  pique polo shirt is quite attractive.  They have other nice Sea Island shirts, as well
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I have found that my favorite polo shirts come from... surprise.. Polo by Ralph Lauren They are always my favorite, even though I prefer the gator to the golfer.
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Pretty much everyone here on campus wears polo shirts often, especially RL or Lacoste, so I generally avoid those just for the sake of being different. I do have a few though; I prefer long-sleeved polos to short-sleeved ones. I also have some "stretch" polos from Express that I actually like: the spandex in the fabric makes them look more sleek and modern, and they're really cheap too.
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I think that polo shirt is absolute classic; it is acceptable for almost any casual occasion. Regarding colors -- it is simply too personal. In addition to brands recommended by other members, I also recommend John Smedley polos. They are made in England from Sea Island cotton; construction quality is noticeably better than Lacoste (I don't own BB or RL polos -- so, can't compare with them). JS usually retailed for much over $100, but you can get them for less than $100 here: (unfortunately, not now; they have sold out all polo shirts and expect next shipment in mid-April). But their fabric's hand is different from pique fabric's one -- you may even dislike it. Hope that helps.
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Yes the polo shirt (long and short sleeve) is simply a classic basic. I understand some around here want to break out sartorially, rejecting and denigrating the polo as they do other classics such as a navy blazer and khakis. But they all are classics, suitable for most any casual situation and will still be around when the couture du jour is long forgotten. Remember, the purpose of dressing with style is very often not to stand out other than with the correctness of what you're wearing.
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The classic polo is Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Casual and comfortable. I prefer them to t-shirts. John Smedley's are dressier, such that I do not really regard them as polos. I disagree with the earlier poster who expressed a preference for long sleeve polos. To me they are a contradiction. If you want that look you are better off going for a rugby shirt.
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I've never liked wearing them myself, but I would never knock anyone for doing so. They are certainly a classic. For some reason I like some of the polo's that are open at the neck - no buttons. I'm not sure why I like that better. Anybody else like those??
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I second the johnny-collar affinity but I'm a fan of the polo. I agree that RL does have the best fit, but I've been on a mission recently to find the best fitting white polo, just plain white--preferably with a tennis hem, slimmer body, good, solid cloth, and 2-or-less button collar --for less than $50 (hopefully significantly less). It may be impossible and I sometimes feel like just shilling over $52.50--but now that I'm this far into my private quest it would be like admitting defeat. On bluefly the RL's are sometimes a bit cheaper, and on ebay they usually end up being just a little under $50--but they've also been worn, and I don't want to pay that much for a worn polo. I may be cheap and $50 may not seem like much to the professionals, but I'm in college and have been forced to acquire an affinity for ramen noodles.
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I would suggest a trip to the thrift store. On a tie hunting trip recently, I saw a number of RL polos in good shape, priced well under $50. TJ Maxx and Marshall's also regularly carry RL polos at <$30.
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I too am a fan of the polo shirt. No surprise really, since I've pretty clearly established on this forum that I am a prep   I have great luck in finding some very nice polo-style shirts at Costco for extremely reasonable ($20-$30) prices. I would check there if you have a membership or have a friend who does. Bradford
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Another good source of polo shirts (from Polo Ralph Lauren) is They always have polo shirts in variety of styles at $29.99.
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I love my navy Loro Piana pique polo; the fit is superb (slim fitting) and it contains a single button. Also, the placket where the button is has a rather nice v-shape to it, making for a nice presentation.
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