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Hello! I am a postgraduate student who is starting to appreciate quality-made shoes and clothes. Now I am searching for good bargains to upgrade my wardrobe. I have been lurking on this forum for a very long time. I joined it because this forum is a meeting place for many people who know and appreciate good and timeless pieces.

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Hi there! Just wanted to introduce myself and drop a couple of words about myself. Im 32 young man from Eastern Europe. Glad I've Googled this forum and looking forward for new interesting discussions.

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hi guys, new member here! I'm a 20 year old student from Malaysia, just lurking around starting to appreciate good quality shoes and clothes :D

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I'm a 41 year old Singaporean guy. Dresses in jeans most of the time before changing into uniform at the office. Into shoes (mainly boots) and recently purchase a pair of Hathorn Traveler (They're going for only US$155 and I couldn't resist it). Own several Timberlands and a Red Wing boot.


Mainly, I wear Uniqlo stuff, not because they're cheap, but because they fit my Asian frame nicely. Current fad I'm embarking upon is collecting Rugby jerseys.

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Dear Sir / Madame,

My name is Tomasz Godziek, I’m from Poland, 36 years old, co-founder family manufacture, which produce men’s accessories. 

It’s been long time to find the courage to write on this forum. Today it’s that day :) 

King Regards


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My name is CriticBespok and I have a 33 years bespoke experience, I got suits from the best tailors in the world, mostly Neapolitans.
I'm here to stay updated about the new modes and to help people to spot fake tailors ( The world is full of fake tailors nowadays).
I tried more than 20 tailors and actually i have 5 trusted tailors, 3 in Naples and 2 in London.
I hope to have a great experience on style forum.

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My name is MrDraned. I'm 38, married with a 5 month old, and I teach full-time in Philadelphia.

In '05 I left PA to get a away from some things.

I lived in OR and CO for 10 years, and just returned back east in '14. When I did that, I realized my wardrobe was reflective of a much different lifestyle, and that it needed some upgrading (I was living a surfer and snowboarder lifestyle).

I'm currently getting into raw selvedge denim, sharp clothes for the classroom, shoes, boots, sneakers and all that stuff that will cause me to go broke!

Since I'm still new to upping my fashionable wardrobe, I joined here to get some tips, advice, and pointers.

Thanks for having me!

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What up SF! Want to learn more about the latest styles and looking fresh.

I have a particular love for boots.

Have a great weekend!!!


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I'm a 25 year old Asian sales associate that works in retail and has no friends because I work in retail.

(._. )

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Hello Styleforum!


My name is Luke Shoemaker.  I work for a store in Michigan called A.K. Rikk's (  The focus of my position at the store is to help create a bridge between us and new customers through the internet.  It's a pretty interesting place here on the west side of the state in men's fashion; you sell a lot of conservative Zegna and Canali.  However, we carry a lot of Isaia, Eidos, Ring Jacket, etc. because we love it!  


I'm here as a match-maker.  


When we have this killer Eidos piece that our regular customers and clients aren't super into, I will find that piece a home.  So if you're looking for something interesting, I'd love to help you out!  Drop me a line anytime.


It's good to be here. 

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Hi I'm Olivia, a final year university student from Nottingham in the UK. I'm writing my dissertation on the growth of menswear and have found it so interesting reading these forums and seeing what guys are chatting about in regards to their clothing. If any guys aged 18-25 have a spare few minutes to fill out the survey below for my research I'd be soo grateful, it's basically all multiple choice. Thank you and I look forward to reading more threads on here!

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LA-Based, Mid 20s.


On referral from amadar (was buying a bunch of his stuff from ebay).

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Hello to the SF members! I'm a business student in late 20's whose love and passion for finely constructed clothes and shoes has been pushing him to learn and know more and more about the intricate details of the craft. Came across this wonderful community and read some of the discussions on the forum! Felt an absolute need to join the forum and be a part of SF! Looking forward to learning a lot about the two things I love the most; clothes and shoes!

Cheers everyone and have a great weekend!
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Hey SF peeps!


I'm a 32 year-old lawyer, bachelor and writer from Montreal, Québec. I got into menswear by having to wear a suit everyday. I lean trad/prep with a dose of Neapolitan. 


A few years back, I had some personal drama in my life and decide to save my sanity and rebuild myself by devoting myself to studying menswear, a topic I didn't know that much about prior. I thus approach menswear as a hungry student; I want to learn as much as I can about the subject (i.e. history, best practices, meaning, business, production). I don't really care much about the style sub-culure. I just want to know EVERYTHING. It might sound audacious or even silly, but I'm serious. This is my serious face.


My favourite brands are Luigi Borelli, Kiton, Brooks Brothers, JCrew, Ralph Lauren but there plenty of other brands I like and know a lot about but just haven't gotten around to buying from yet.


Been visiting SF for a while but I now feel knowledgeable enough to be worthy of membership. I want to be part of the community. I'm ready.


Keep it crispy, fellas. Cheers!

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Hello All,

Not really new to SF but never really posted much until recently so I consider myself ''new'' in that sense. I'm a writer and menswear enthusiast, writing mainly for my own blog (see link in signature) which I started as a means to share my sartorial experiences.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone in the forums and to be contributing more actively where I can.

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