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We're talking about brining it to a store that doesn't carry the shouldn't have to go through that trouble.
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You still haven't got that motherfuckin tag off yet?
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Wear it!!!

As a fashion accessory.

It will make you look hard!!

Yea son,
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I doubt a teenager working at a mall store that doesn't sell Rag&Bone jeans (considering no mall store DOES sell R&B jeans) is going to object.

This is a problem for law abiding citizens as well as thieves... I just bought this from an online store. Since they have a B&M store, they probably shipped it from that store's stock, and didn't take off the security tag.
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Arrange an MRI and do it then. Find out if you're 'all there' at the same time.
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so i got it off. used a lighter to burn through the bubble part and the just used pliers to manhandle the inside apart. the inside was a white plastic which the other side was attached to. I broke this plastic by force of the pliers and it slid out. don't know how you guys just "bare hand" force it off, but it worked. hope to never have to deal with a situation like this again. thanks for the help ya'll
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I just had this problem with a Band of Outsiders shirt I bought from Barney's earlier today. My solution was to hit the tag several times quite hard with a hammer. It broke in half and I then took it off...
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How far we've evolved...
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Originally Posted by chronoaug
How far we've evolved...

Haha the tag was stuck right above the label through the shirt, I wasn't putting a lighter anywhere near that thing.
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