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Detroit area..

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Hello everyone, I live in the Detroit area of MI. And I had a few questions for those of you who live in this area as well. Im 19 and this is my first year in college, and I always paid attention to my looks, but to a small extent. I was pretty much a manikin shopper (see something on a manikin buy it), Since its my first year in college, im becoming a lot more self-aware, and want to make an effort to dress better. Anyway.. In the Detroit area what are some good stores, to get some good deals at. Not just stores with good deals, but just good stores in general, to be honest I become lost when I decide to go shopping, I have no idea where to go. The look Im shooting for is a more "Dressy" look you could say. Nonetheless Im willing to experiment, so for those of you who live in this area what are some stores you go to? or ones you'd suggest? Also I need to do away with my current hair, I've had this look since beginning of High school (Messy Spikes). But For the life of my I cannot find a GOOD stylist. Distance is not a problem for me if I like something. Any of you have suggestions of possible stylists? My hair needs to change. And this last question may seem a little odd, but perhaps any of you know of a site(s) that offers Fashion Tips? as well as Fashion-Don'ts? Thanks a lot for all your help in advance. =]
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Hey JM and welcome to the forum. I can't help you with stores in and around Detroit. But you did ask about fashion tips, including any faux pas. I can definitely say, if you've got questions -- ask. Everybody on this website is willing to help you out with all kinds of advice on matching and just generally looking handsome.
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Thanks. When it comes to fashion Im like a blind man in a library -- best way to put it. I really don't know what im doing lol ^_^ Perhaps anyone have any links to some Ideas? with different types of fashion styles? hair styles? ect? To give me some Ideas, to help me get started? Thank you.
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Fashion styles... check out GQ or Esquire. Hair styles... I can only give you my own system: look around you and seek out different types.  A lot of times, when I go to see a movie, I check out the leading man's haircut.  I know what you mean about getting tired of the same thing for too long.  I had the same hairstyle (long and curly) for about four years, save the occasional cut-it-short/style-it periods.  Now, I've got it shorter than I ever had it, and I find it much easier to deal with. One thing I'd like to add about fashion... don't hold what the magazines say in too high regards. I've not been too impressed with GQ recently (maybe, it's just me... but it seems to be on a bit of a decline). Still, they are good sources to widen your eyes in the fashion world.
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Besides all the big name chain department stores in the malls (Nordstrom, Brooks Bros, Saks, etc...), there are several "one of a kind" clothiers in metro Detroit. All of the following stores have people who know and care about their craft and will take the time to offer honest advice: In Ann Arbor, the Van Boven store has been in business for 80 years. Traditional, but sharp style. In Birmingham, the Claymore Shop. Ask for Charlie. This is a very traditional store--but all high class stuff. Think Duke of Windsor. Also in Birmingham, Carl Sterr. Carl is more on the cutting edge of fashion. All of the above stores are high quality and a bit high in price. But, it doesn't cost anything to look.
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also look at uomo moda in southfield and there is the infamous the broadway downtown if you're looking for deals, nm last call and the saks off fifth at great lakes crossing is good for deals (there is also a saks off fifth at fairlane in dearborn) and great lakes crossing has the usual marshalls, tjmaxx and such there is a nordstrom rack just north of oakland mall (corner of big beaver and rochester road) there is also a syms and loehmann's across the street from nordstrom rack
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There are also several other pretty good spec stores: Paul Cicchini Custom Clothier Independent Rick Depanicis, Owner / Herman Masters, Manager / Sheila Blum, Sales 180 S. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham, MI 48009. (248) 646-0535. The Custom Shop Independent Stuart Silbert 223 S. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham, MI 48009. (248) 642-0460. www.customshop.com.(See Chapter 9) Manno Clothing and Tailoring Independent Pat Manno, Owner 23810 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48124. (313) 5461-1419. Hickey's Walton Pierce Clothiers Independent William Huntington, President 17140 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe, MI 48230. (313) 882-8970. Gebran's Men's Clothing Independent Pete Collias, Owner 81 Macomb Place, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043. (586) 465-5410. LeConte Ltd. Independent Michael and Suzanne Browe, Owners / Judy Johnson, Sales 3086 Walton Blvd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309. (248) 375-5577. Mitzelfeld's Independent Monty Mitzelfeld, Manager 312 S. Main St., Rochester, MI 48307. (248) 651-8171.
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Wow thanks a lot. everyone : ) I will definitely check all these stores out : )
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As I recall, the Somerset Mall was the place to shop. However, I haven't been there in about 15 years, so who knows? Where are you going to college? I went to Hillsdale College myself and then lived in Mt. Clemens for a year and Grosse Pointe for about 9 months before moving back to sunny Arizona. Bradford
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yes somerset is 'the' mall, however, the somerset people rechristened it 'the somerset collection'
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Where are you going to college?
Currently I goto Macomb, still trying to figure out where I want to go after here Thinking a tech school.
yes Somerset is 'the' mall, however, the Somerset people rechristened it 'the Somerset collection'
Funny you say that, My girlfriend lives RIGHT across from Somerset, and I always refer to it as Somerset mall - she always corrects me and says "Collection." lol... just thought I'd share.
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Must be from my neck of the woods. I was born in Hamtramck but raised in Sterling Heights before I graduated. Now I go to school at U of M in Ann Arbor. Thanks for the recommendations folks. I'm gonna have to check some of those places out. I've just been checking out the outlets and such.
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You can also check out Jack's Place in Southfield. It's a high end store with great clothes. They are not cheap though. There is also a Broadway, as previously mentioned, in Fairlane Mall in addition to the downtown store. If you want to look good for a smaller price tag, try Bachelor's or Cecil B's in Fairlane Mall. The quality is not as high end as some of the other stores mentioned but u will still come out looking great on a college budget.
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I'm going to suggest Somerset Collection as well. It's hands down the best mall in Metro-Detroit, let alone the state. As far as stores, both Saks 5th Avenue and Nordstroms carry a variety of designers. Since you're only 19, I'm guessing you want something stylish and geared towards someone your age (I'm 21, and I know I hate dressing like my father). Other stores in Somerset I'd suggest are Kenneth Cole, Armani Exchange, Express, Hugo Boss, Club Monaco, and Banana Republic. But don't stop there, there are a number of boutiques and independent stores in the area. My favorites are Incognito (Royal Oak), Dolce Moda (Royal Oak), Firefly (Ferndale). Grab a copy of Real Detroit or Metro Times, and look through the ads. Most hip/stylish stores in the area will have ads. For hair salons, I'd suggest either Palazolla, or 6 Salon (where I go); both are in downtown Royal Oak, on 6th street. Hope that helps out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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