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Color and style sportscoat to go with dark navy trousers?

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Just got a pair of dark navy blue slacks - flat front, micropatterning but essentially a plain navy - and I have no idea for a sportscoat/blazer to look for!

Any advice on color and style would be much appreciated.
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I'd like to see some ideas, too. I bought a pair of midnight navy wool trousers before joining SF and they've been hanging in my closet ever since. I'd love to wear them with something.
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Very hard to pair jackets with navy odd trousers. That's one reason they are unpopular around here.
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Something patterny without too much navy in it. You absolutely don't want anything that almost matches. Also avoid other shades of blue. You aren't the cops or a car repairman.
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Originally Posted by Mr. White View Post
Edit: the general thinking is that upper-class people prefer strong contrast and differing but complimentary colors, while lower-class people prefer matching as exactly as possible. I don't know your class background or the people you associate with, so I can't say.

? What does class have to do with anything? In any case, I can't get behind blue with navy trousers. Far too uniformy.
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Try any jacket with a blue pattern. I have a hunter green jacket with a blue overcheck that works well, and also a H&S tan jacket (SherryKash - Parker, you'd recognize it) that would look good with blue pants, if not quite with navy. I've a light grey russian weave from RL that goes with navy also.

The jacket in Parker's signature might also be worth a look.
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Navy trousers can look very stylish and classy.

I would pair it with a grey sportcoat for a sleek look.
For a more standout look, maybe try a light khaki blazer.
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I can see why you earned that rebuke Mr White from Apropos. Are you for real?
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Back on topic, I also think a grey sports jacket is a good match for navy trousers.
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Sorry, don't have a normal pic

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And moleskin

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Forgive me if I stray into nonsense, I'm simply thinking aloud, but would it work to pair navy trou with a fairly bold jacket? I'm not necessarily talking balls-out, bright red, highland tartan but some sort of bold check SC or perhaps, at a push, even a loud and/or striped boating blazer? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Also this just posted in WAYWRN by MalfordOfLondon.
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Grey or brown sport coats, even seer sucker.
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