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Care of fabric parts of shoes

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On impulse, I snagged a pair of New & Lingwood khaki fabric and tan leather spectators on ebay. Not sure if I want to keep them, though they are really cool (I was planning to wear them with jeans, actually) - I just don't know if I'll wear them much. But in any case, if I do bring them out of the house, I am worried about how the fabric will hold up. I went to my shoe repair place and the guy sold me Meltonian spray, but I'm really worried about what it would do to the leather parts of the shoes.

Then again, if I decide to keep them, I think they would probably improve with some serious beating around. They remind me of old WWI army gear with the khaki canvas and leather hardware, and I think, once seriously broken-in, that they would look really awesome with dark jeans.

Anyway, what are you supposed to do to the fabric parts of this type of shoe to protect them?

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ScotchGuard? I really don't know, but I think your impulses are right--don't treat them too reverently. Do you have any pictures? An auction link? Because we really have to see them to render an expert opinion.
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I have a pair of pre-forum J&M tan and canvas spectators. I've worn them with impunity, and the fabric is no worse for wear. The only blemish on the canvas came from a slightly too vigorous polishing session. A q-tip and rubbing alcohol quickly dispatched the stain.
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Those are nice (need to get some boots like that!).
ANyway, I recall reading somewhere about some specific spray used for canvas shoes; need to find where.
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Keep them, since we're not the same size. They are stunning.
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J: Beautiful shoes. What I would do is to carefully cover the leather parts with a thick bath towel and spray the canvas parts with Scotch Guard or whatever. The point is to cover the leather parts thoroughly.
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