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What if i hate everyone here?
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
What if i hate everyone here?
The feeling is mutual.
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voxsartoria - his wealth of knowledge in "style" is impressive (to me).
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I like eric glennie. Fashion needs more innovative minds these days.
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Cunty Mora is great.
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I think that JetBlast fellow comes up with some mighty witty statements on a regular basis.
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A few of the porn spammers last week were good. I guess they are my favorite so far.
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Definetely Sator.
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labelking, edmorel, jlibourel, huntsman and a dozen more.. Really interesting people here
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labelking, voxsartoria, pocketsquareguy
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excluding people I've met, rach2jlc, voxsartoria, m@t, nantucket red, labelking, Maharlika, Berlin Report, iammatt.
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There are really too many for me to count... that's what makes SF so much fun. In addition to the forum 'staples,' (teh RJ, teh matt, teh manton, teh Nantucky-Red-san, teh grimslade) no list would be complete without Thomas, Teacher, fuuuuummmma mon ami, GoSurface, etc etc etc Even the posters that I wonder "WTF?" will sometimes post something amusing. Okay, maybe not meister... but anyway...
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I guess I can answer this somewhat seriously. Going down the list I'd have to say, rach2, RJmanbearpig, chrono, socal, jet, whodini, teacher, lawyerdad, piobaire (Mr. Sayjak) etc.

I'll always have a soft spot for those two bufoons though; kylie and conne.
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I'm somewhat new here and my favorite posters on here have nothing to do with why I joined a forum dedicated to men's style. So far:
Thomas - this man makes me laugh every post
Christofuh - this man has the best collection of women pics.
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I like the people with simpsons references for user names. The only ones i can think of are: Gamblor Santos L Halper
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